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GCMS confirmation

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manpreet_2233, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Dear Manpreet,
    Your application for GCMS notes has been filed and the tracking number issued by IRCC is XXXXX

    You should receive the copy of your GCMS notes via email in about 35 days. Please check your spam folder in case you do not receive it in 35 days. Sometimes it may take longer than usual to issue your notes as IRCC may require some extra time.

    If you do not receive your notes within the timeline, please get in touch with us and we’ll try our best to help you.


    GCMSBuddy Team

    Do you think @Bryanna i will get result before 35 days ?
  2. Hopefully, yes. That said, it is possible that IRCC may have a high volume of requests for case notes and it could take longer to get your notes
  3. Alright . Purpose of visit " was my reason what do you think so now IRCC will be explain to me why they refuse my application , like what was lack of documentation ?
  4. Please help, how can I apply for GCMS case note?
  5. IRCC will explain everything how why they did it even they will write a reason in it what they noticed what not..and why they did it so relax bro and wait for it
  6. Bro Thanks for give me patience :D
  7. Do you have anyone presently in Canada ?
  8. None.
  9. Okey so you can order but it’s little bit costly or take more time then usual .
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    Its free of cost. There is option $5 or free. I have done before I escaped $5 and selected $0. I never charged. I forgot how to do that once anyone start apply for it they can find the option to escape charge.
  11. I'm not in Canada and I don't have anyone. Please how can I get help?
  12. If you someone personally in Canada they can do it for you. Good luck .
  13. he said i have nobody present in Canada then how he can apply from here ?
  14. order here is the link contact them they will tell you whole process .

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