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Gather on this thread to get to know some new applicants applied in June through SDS!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Arun2001, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Thank u Bruh... Good luck:)

  2. Yes he got his visa... He got it stamped also..... I think he got visa in the end of month of June itself
  3. Online SDS are processed in india or canada ? TIA

  4. Probably it is processed in Canada hence most of the online applicants receive updates at night.... Passport request as well
  5. Ok . So that means instead of probing all through the day it’s better to start the process at night
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  6. Not a bro, but thanks! :)
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  7. Yes of course... Start hitting ur mail inbox refresh button from 8pm at night... That's what I am doing everyday.
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  8. All the best
  9. Do we get any tracking ID after filling gcms notes??
  10. It got updated at the time of passport request.
  11. I applied from Delhi. SDS
  12. which program you applied for..?? SDS or NON SDS..?
  13. I also got my correspondence letter 3 weeks ago, but no result till today
  14. Hi I gave my biometrics on 16th July
    Now the status chaned to "biometrics completed on16th July "
    what does it mean??

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