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Gather on this thread to get to know some new applicants applied in June through SDS!

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Arun2001, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. where did you apply from ? did you get the visa yet - if yes, when did you get it ?
    i have applied on 11th June SDS - Mumbai, awaiting visa till date.
  2. Hi, here is the visa timeline:

    Applied on: June 21
    Biometrics letter: June 22
    Biometrics submitted: June 25
    Passport request: July 10
    Passport submitted: July 11
    Passport received: July 15
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  3. which city you applied from and was this under SDS
  4. Brother any updates after your medical passed?
  5. How many days did it take after medical pass bro?
  6. Hey guyz I am unable to login to gckey account... It shows maintainence and some error with applications...... Can anyone please check if u r able to login??
  7. They are doing maintenance currently. You can login only after they finish it.

  8. Yaeh Bruh thank u for the reply... I tell u waiting for visa is most difficult situation in ur life... U gotta be strong to remain stable....
  9. Haha true that bro. Where has your application reached? Today I got my Correspondence Letter. Hoping result comes soon.
  10. I checked my application status Bruh... It's absolutely same.... It's like frozen piece of ice.... Background verification is in progress and review not yet started and medicals cleared
  11. Oh ok. Usually review starts after medical from what I've seen. Happened in my case well.
    All we can do is wait now. Good luck bro :)

  12. Thanks brother.... There r all types of scenarios happening Bruh.... Some apply visa and nothing gets updated after biometrics and suddenly at once message pops with all updates changing at once with passport request.... In some case only medicals cleared and nothimh and finally gets visa.... And many more

    My friend got visa after 70 days and only medicals were cleared.... Whatever let's wait with patience.... Good luck Bruh :)
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  13. I can relate man! Its like day and night every single moment everything revolves around this forum and that clegc account
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  14. Yaeh dude each and every minute or second
  15. I swear! All the best to you with the application. May God help us all
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