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FSWP2014 Applicants from India with files transferred to Warsaw visa office.

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by aks2010, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. if you have never completed 6 months continous stay then nothing required
    cumulative is not important

    But the main call will be from your VO, so my suggestion plz wait for additional docs and MR mail
  2. what to do if I will not receive AOR from warsaw..?
  3. Contact Warsaw..
  4. Congratulations. Thanks for the update and posting the letter.
  5. Somewhere I had seen WVO spreadsheet wherein there is a tab called "AOR Sequence" which shows the latest updates of applicants in the AOR sequence. I am not being able to trace that spreadsheet. If somebody finds that spreadsheet, then pls share and let's update our status on the spreadsheet.

    Earnestly waiting for MR email as applicants with AOR dated 3rd Feb are getting MR emails (see the previous pages of the thread).
  6. It seems some files they kept hold for verification and some of them are processing without it.
    dats wy it is taking time to release MR
  7. Dear Blueberg,

    Thanks.. But NDVO is faster :( haven't even received an AOR from Warsaw.. Just wondering do we have to courier oour med reports and other documents when asked to POLAND???? Not fair!!!
  8. Yes the recent MR reads docs to be sent to wvo
  9. Dear friends,
    I am from India. My Noc 2172 and PER 25Feb2015.
    And my file transferred to Warsaw and info from CIC call center.
    1) when can I expect AOR and heard already some people got AOR who receives PER after me.
    2)Now I am applying USA Business visa for one month assignment.
    Do I need to inform Warsaw vo about outcome visa( success/Failure) at the time of medical request.
  10. 1. AOR will come soon. It seems wvo sends it in batches so may be in next.
    2. Nope, provide only if you are asked to provide updated travel history or background form.
  11. HI ALL,

    For all my friends who are interested to know about the payment to WVO. I already informed WVO regarding my new born daughter and sent the necessary forms (reached on 23 FEB, 2015).

    WVO accepts DD in Canadian Dollars drawn from a Canadian Bank (not from any other banks like SBI, Thomas cook etc.,) OR deposit money in Poland currency in a Poland post office and get a certificate from them to attach instead of currency OR submit in person with CAD.

    After a lot of research with Google and phone calls to different banks in India, I found that HDFC bank has tie up with Bank of Nova Scotia & they issue the CAD Drafts issued by Bank of Nova Scotia

    My father had opened an account as I am currently living in Maldives. Also not all the branches can issue the DD directly. My father had travelled 6 hours to get a DD in hand and to reduce one day in processing.

    I say this as all can be prepared and be ready when the time for drawing RPRF DD.

  12. Hello mate
    Want to ask when did u get your mr request?

    Thanks and regards
  13. Hi dhvl,

    Thanks a lot for this! Congrats once again for your MR and + 1 to you :D ;D


  14. I haven't receive MR, I sent an email to NDVO once after I got my PER on Jan 07. Reply came from NDVO with list of documents to update on Feb 03. On the very next day Feb 04, I got AOR from Warsaw. Sent an email to NDVO & Warsaw to know where to send the documents and Warsaw replied me to send it to them. My documents to include my newborn reached Warsaw on Feb 23
  15. In ur previous post u were taking about rprf things thats yi thought u might have mr request
    Neways thanks for ur reply

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