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FSWEP while waiting for PR decision


Sep 21, 2019
Ok, my situation is weird. I got a PGWP after my undergraduate studies and got a full-time job that I am still holding (NOC1221). Then I decided to go back to school to do a master (I then applied for a study permit). Right now I have a PGWP for my employment and a study permit for grad school.

I have applied for PR and still waiting for a decision. The problem is I got an opportunity to work for the government under FSWEP as an analyst. I really want to take the job since it's related to what I'm studying at grad school (Public Policy). My concern is that if I leave my job (been working there for a year and a half) now to do FSWEP, it'd have an impact on my PR application (AOR in October).

Any advice will be helpful.