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Former Employer is Out-of-Business - How Do I Prove I Worked There?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by carson-mcdonald, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I am applying for residency through the Federal Skilled Workers Program. One of my former employers closed down in 2008. I need the points from my work there in order to have enough points to qualify for permanent residency. What should I do?

    For this situation, the Immigration Canada website says I should do the following:
    "If you cannot provide a reference from an employer, provide a written explanation and any documentation that would support your claim to such employment and provide the information as set forth above."

    Aside from one of my old employee badges (which states my name with a photo, but doesn't mention my specific position), I do not really have much other documentation (no pay stubs or old work contracts) to prove that I worked there. However, I am still in touch with my former boss from that job, and he now works in another company. He says he would be happy to write me a notarized letter of reference on official paper from his current job, explaining the work I did with the now-defunct old company before it closed.

    Would this be sufficient? Is it likely that CIC is going accept this as proof? What else can I do to demonstrate that I really worked there?
  3. I would think the letter, if to the same guidelines as you would have gotten from the company, should be sufficient. Do you also have Tax stubs? (In the US it's a W2 that you get each year?)
  4. Had a similar situation. I wrote a letter stating that the company was out of business since ----(year), attached tax papers for the no of years worked as proof and got my former boss to write a letter confirming that i worked there for that length of time and she also described my job details in her letter. That worked and there was no problem.
  5. Well i have the same problem, so i went to my former employer and he gave me a letter with his new company letter head and his card also i attached the company´s Chamber of Commerce plus my last deductions statement, hope that works, in addition the letter advice the officer to look in his archives the letter i summited 4 years ago when i applied for turist visa.

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