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Forgot to upload scan documents

Discussion in 'International Students' started by KHI, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Dear All,

    I have recently applied for the Canadian study permit online. In the Passport section, I just uploaded the passport bio page. I completely missed the visa and stamp pages. On my passport, I have US visa stamped that I must have included. Can you please tell me how can I update my application now? I submitted it only four days ago. I am extremely worried at this point. Should I withdraw my application and submit a new one? or should I just upload stamp pages through WebForm. I will be very grateful for the urgent response.

    Please reply urgently

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  2. Just send your new pdf through web form. You have to scan all pages with stamps (that includes the entry/exit stamps, visa stamps or any other stamp. ) Only leave the blank pages.

    Sometimes they request for missing passport pages and give you 7 days to respond. This is what used to happen back in days. These days they just reject the application - what I have heard from people.
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  3. First, many thanks for your response and time. If I send through web form, can they still reject my application due to missing passport pages? I am just trying to ask that if I send new pdf will it get attach to my application?
  4. Yes that will attached to your application. You can even call CIC call centre and check with them once you upload the pdf, that if they have received your pdf and got attached to your application.
  5. I face the same situation. I would suggest you do whatever you can, (send the pdf through web form or call the office) but at the same time be prepared for the refusal.

    I sent my pdf once I realized this mistake, but all I got is an auto-reply. Two weeks later I received my refusal letter with the reason "other" -(
    You did not submit proof of U.S. educational credentials and valid U.S. immigration status document/work authorization).

    I submitted the 2nd application yesterday, finger crossed.
  6. Your case is little different. You didn't submit all the documents. KHI did submit the passport biological page but didn't scan all the pages. They don't know if you have anything on other pages.

    If you send case specific inquiry and update your application then it updates. to confirm you can always call their call centre. he/she just submitted the application, the processing time is 30 + days for study permit application. To my knowledge, he/she will be fine. If this person realized this mistake close to 30 days then yes that is a problem. This updating application might delay the process little bit.
  7. Dear Hedi92, I am sorry to hear that your application was refused. In my explanation letter, I provided all the details such as my MS degrees from US, US visa page, and FBI clearance. Somehow, I forgot to put visa pages and stamps with passport bio pages. Can you please tell me how long Los Angeles consulate took to process your application? I must have to begun in May so I am a little concerned about it. I will appreciate your response. Thanks
  8. I applied online, so I don't really know about the L.A office thing. I also gave details about my study in U.S in my letter. I received my refusal 6 weeks after I applied online. Finger cross for my second time and for your application!
  9. Thanks for your response. So the only reason for your refusal was NOT providing US visa pages? Correct? I requested through the web form (Case Specific Inquiry) to add missing pages. A couple of days later, I got a response that my passport pages have been forwarded to the concerned office (LA in my case). I hope they will get added to my file, otherwise, I will have to file it again. When did you re-apply?
  10. I also got other issues like "purpose of visit" and "length of stay". I guess because of the missing document, my whole application looks less trustful. I reapplied on Feb 19th. Your case sounds more positive than mine, I think you will be ok.
  11. Hello I am facing the same issue. To upload in the webforum they are asking the location where it is being processed? I am from India but working in the US. How do I know where is it being processed outside if it is being processed outside Canada? Also is there a number that we can call from outside Canada to speak woth an agent?
  12. Thanks. How to check where is it being processed since that is a question in the webforum. Please help
  13. Hello,
    I submitted my application o line and did not send all pages(just bio info) now the webform os asking location where my application is being processed. I submitted it online and not sure which location to choose as they haven'tgiven any such information. What do I do? Please help.
  14. I have almost the same situation. what happen to you after that? did you submit the webform?

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