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^Foreign Driver's licence period Dilemma^

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Blue Horizon, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys.

    I did my soft landing back in December 2016, retained home after a 2 weeks. I have finally moved permanently this month (July). According to Quebec's rules I'm allowed to drive for 6 months with my foreign driver licence. Does the 6 month begin from the date i landed (December 2016) or the actual settlement move (July 2017). I tried to call the quebec road authority they don't seem to have an answer to this.

    Thanks everyone
  2. It will be the police officer making the initial answer. The final decision will be at the courthouse.
  3. Thanks Steaky for your time. Are you saying nobody knows the answer but the police and the court??
  4. the rules should be mentioned in the website, however, the police can still issue you ticket despite of what written there. For this you might need to fight at court.
  5. The OP could I guess argue that they only took up actual residence in July so the 6 months started then but in any case should start the process to get a licence so if unlucky enough to get pulled over they have a good case. Keep to the speed limit and stay within the law is the message then this discussion becomes irrelevant.
  6. Even if did that, he might still get pulled by police.
  7. The time limit is usually connected to the date on which you get your permanent address in the province. As soon as you get a permanent address the clock starts running.
  8. I had the same question at SAAQ and was not giving a clear answer. However, i went and did my driving test and now have my Quebec drivers licence.
  9. What documents they require to exchange your US drivers license for the Quebec one?
  10. Licence exchange – Documents required at the time of your first appointment to check your eligibility

    • Foreign driver's licence
    • Proof of Canadian citizenship or right to stay in Canada
    • Proof of residency in Québec
    • Proof that you were a resident of the United States in the state that issued your licence if your obtained your licence within the previous 3 years

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