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Flagpoling PGWP (documents/transcript needed)


Sep 25, 2017
Hello and I hope my question also helps others!

The situation: I have completed my program of study at my University and am eligible to process the PGWP. I have urgency to do so as I have an offer of employment.

Documents for flagpoling: Passport, valid Study permit, official letter from University stating all requirements are met and I will be receiving my diploma, bank statements, official transcript (Sealed in an envelope).

Problem at the border (Niagara): The transcript did not contain the marks for the last semester classes as they have not been posted officially yet. Therefore, the validity of the letter was questioned and I was not issued the PGWP, until transcript is complete with all passing marks.

Problem looking ahead: Official grades are released after the start date of my job offer. Company wants PGWP and not an implied work status (Which one has after applying for PGWP online).

Question: Has anyone done flagpoling for PGWP and has not been asked for the Transcript? Or has not been given trouble due to incomplete marks, but a letter saying all requirements have been completed?

Any help would be appreciated!