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First Landing in Canada


Oct 24, 2017
I am looking to do my first landing in Canada and travel back the same day. I have a few questions regarding the same.

1. Can I give my relatives address during the landing process? if the officer asks if I am going to stay there, should I just lie and say yes or be truthful about it?
2. Can I land, finish my landing process, and take a return flight on the same day? Would that cause any issue?
3. I am not worried about SIN, banking or anything of that sort. Would 6 hours be enough on a Saturday/ Sunday?



Full Member
May 12, 2018
Halifax, Nova Scotia
We will be doing the same thing in a couple of weeks. When you do your soft landing, 1 day should be fine. Just make sure you have the goods to follow list for them to stamp including if you plan on bringing a car when you officially land. Tell them you are there for your Soft Landing and they will take you inside. (All my info comes from friends who have done this as well) You can give a relatives address since that is where they will send the PR card. From my understanding, most people have their landing done in 1-2 hours when its not busy so mid-day is usually better.