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First day in canada, ever.. How to rent?

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Eab, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. No job yet
    No bank account yet
    Arrived to canada.. Now what?
  2. Start looking for a job and open a bank account
  3. Obviously. But until i get those.. No way to rent a place?
    Where do i stay then, hotels?
    What if finding a job will take a few weeks, sleep at the park?
  4. You should be able to find a cheap hostel for a few days at least. Which city are you in?

    See http://www.hostels.com/canada

    This might be of interest... http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/getting-started-finding-temporary-accommodation-after-arriving-t65681.0.html
  5. Good info
    Thank you
  6. Of course not, who would sleep in the park in this weather? you can move to a homeless shelter and get your provisions from a food bank until you get a job
  7. Eab, are you telling me that you're coming unprepared?
    Before arriving to Canada, make up a list of apartments for rent that you would like to see.
    Stay at a hostel for a week or two until then. But don't come unprepared. Check for the popular banks on the internet. Check the temperature very importantly in the city you're going to.
    Do your homework.


  8. This is where the real work begins; start building a life for yourself even before landing...

    Do a lot of research about temporary stay on Canadian sites on-line; rent accommodations and permanent aboard in-case you'll be buying a house soon and come along with a lot of money!

    Research employment as well; survival jobs to start you earning right away and don't give up on building your resume in connection to your profession as you never can tell that you could bag a good job in a timely manner in your field. Evaluate your credentials both secondary and post-secondary ones.

    While you are landed, go to Service Canada offices and human services as well for all advice and assistance which they would render for free.

    Hope this helps...
    All the best!
  9. Thanx for this info
  10. Hmmn ...I think only this provision are for the less privileged
  11. Seconded
  12. Hi New Comers!


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  13. Immigrants are not privileged
  14. Try Safe Home Stay...Google it and find it if you are in Toronto.
  15. Look for a rental property realtor in your area, they will be able to assist. They do not charge you to rent from them.

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