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Fingerprints rejected by FBI

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by maddy08, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    My husband and I are currently residing in Boston, MA. We applied for FBI Police Clearance Certificate on 17th July 2017. We submitted all the documents for PR Application online (except FBI PCC) by 23rd September.
    I had attached courier receipt, Tracking ID and LOE stating additional time required for FBI PCC.
    We got an extension till 2nd December 2017 from CIC for attaching the PCC certificates to the application.

    Today, on 20th October 2017, I called up FBI to know the status of the application, they said finger prints are rejected and we need to send application again.

    1. Does CIC provide second time extension? If yes how can we request it? Even if we do biometric now, I dont think FBI shall process them before 2nd December. Are there any faster options to get this process done?
    We are really stuck. Please help.
    2. What are the alternatives to get accurate finger prints now? Please suggest and help us.

  3. Nearest police station is the best place to get the finger pints done. Or you can check with them on where do get the finerprints done. In Minneapolis, the suburb where I used to live, the county jail did the fingerprinting.
  4. Thank you all for the response. Sorry for late reply.
    We are trying different options for working on FBI PCC.

    1. Local Police Station(area where we live) said we dont do finger printing. Other Police stations say, we need to be resident of that particular area to get Finger prints done.

    2. We called up FBI Approved Channellers in order to get finger prints done and get PCC. They expediate process and we get results of PCC in 24 hours. But they say, they only do it for American Citizens and Greencard holders (unfortunately we are not holding that.)

    3. Now we called upon Reliability Screening Solutions Inc. http://reliabilityscreening.ca/international/
    1025 Richmond Road, Suite 107
    Ottawa ON K2B 8G8
    They said, we can get it done FBI PCC in 24 hours. We just need to send them finger prints from here.
    They charge 220 CAD per person. We are confused as we found this is the only quick way to get PCC done.

    What is your take on this agency? Shall we go ahead with it?

    Thanks for the help,

  5. That is the strangest thing ever!!! $220 CAD per person to get an FBI clearance through some entity in Ottawa? If I were in your shoes I would not do this. There has to be some place in some neighboring city to where you are that does fingerprinting for close to something like $25 or there about where you can get yours done. Try a little harder to find such a place Then send it off to the FBI ASAP and update CIC with a LOE and all the necessary evidence before your submission deadline.

    Just my 2 cents.
  6. I just googled fingerprinting in Boston,MA and found this maybe you can give this a try by first calling them:


    Mills Fingerprint Service Inc
    50 Congress St, Boston, MA 02109
    By Appointment

    (617) 720-2524
    Mills Fingerprint Service Inc Live Scan Fingerprinting location at Boston, certified and approved by the DOJ and FBI and just minutes away from your home or work! Live Scan and fingerprinting services have never been so easy in the city of Boston.
  7. Hi All,

    Thanks for giving inputs. We had a deadline till 2nd December to meet and get FBI PCC.
    So we went by above method. We got fingerprints done here in Boston from private agency.

    Send those fingerprint cards to Reliability Screening Solutions Ottawa (RCMP approved agency which does criminal background check) and paid 220 CAD per person :( They in turn contacted TRPAssociates, which is a FBI approved channeller, which gave us online pdf of FBI PCC in less than 8 hours!!

    We were also skeptical earlier on this part. I attached it to our online cic account and I got mail yesterday for CPCO-FinalRequest i.e to submit Passport for Visa status. So I think they approved our FBI PCC. In case of emergency we can take this path as there is no guarantee, second time also FBI approves fingerprints.

    On Nov 6th we got FBI PCC and we immediately attached it to CIC. Yesterday, Nov 17th, we got passport request mail. So hopefully we are through in this process.

    Hopefully, this helps to people residing in USA in case fingerprints are getting rejected by FBI.


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  8. Hi maddy08,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have the similar situation. And I called reliability screening, they told me they can not provide service for non us citizen or PR. Could you let me know how did you get it done? What number you called?

    Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi,

    We didn't face any such problem regarding the visa status like that (because we are also on H1 and H4 visas in US having Indian Nationality). As far as you are legal resident of US, then it should not be any problem.

    You can try calling Reliability Screening Ottawa, again and talk with some other representative.

    I called up from website: +1-613-216-1888

    Good Luck,
  10. Thanks! I will try to call them tomorrow.
  11. did you call them? what was their answer?
  12. They said they could not get the FBI report through channeller for Non US citizen or PR. They do not provide the service anymore.
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