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Filled the form determination of residency status (leaving Canada)


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Feb 21, 2020

I was outside of Canada for a substantial part of the fiscal year in 2019, at the same time, I had secondary ties with Canada which is something I self determined based on CRA website.
So I filled the subject form in order to send it to CRA for them to determine what is my tax residency status.
I did fill in the form applying income tax folio instructions

- As sanity check, can you share experience? Any do's and don'ts with regard to the form?
- Can I do same form retroactively for fiscal year 2018 too? In fact, I filled my tax return as resident for 2018 - but I want to confirm the status officially from CRA (due to the fact that I had zero income throughout 2018 it did not matter to much - but that is only for sake of consistency that I want to check) - what would you advise?