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File (non sds) under process

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Jaskiran kaur, Jul 23, 2018.

  1. Hii everyone. Is there anyone who's having his/her file under process in embassy (under non sds) ? It's about 23 days as far as my file submission is concern. I have met all the requirements i.e 7bands no less than 6 and 82% in 12th but the only problem is I've paid 1 semester fee only that too before the new rules came and my file was submitted after. My agent told me that non sds include 60 days of processing. I jst wanna know someone waiting for visa with the same problem or anyone got visa under non sds?
  2. It has been 20 days for me. I also applied non SDS in chandighar embassy. Even no acknowledgement letter yet
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  3. Mine one is in delhi embassy... Can u plz tell me what this acknowledgment letter is about???? Because i also haven't received anything like that
  4. I applied on 20th June, non sds acknowledgement on 4th July, medical is not updated yet
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  5. In acknowledgement letter they provide uci no and application no.With the help of them we can link our offline file to online for advance information about our file process
  6. you can also link your profile without Application number and Uci Number. You can use your family name and given name as an option to link your file. I have also linked my applcation without app number and uci number.
  7. Hmm we can but I have not family name on my passport
  8. I am also facing same issue since 25 June .I have applied for Phd General,Offline from Delhi.
  9. Anyone applied by the end of june and got visa under nonsds???
  10. Did u get ur visa.
  11. I have also applied on 11sep vfs delhi offline nonsds. Medical passed on 20sep got 2 acknowledgment letters from the embassy one on 25sep and the other on 9oct. Aftr that no updates. Review not started yet.
  12. Hey brother ... i would like to know something from. It is easy for you , if talk over phone because i also applied in non sds on 9 oct just few days before. I would like to gatuer ome info from you. If you can, then pls send me ur number or u won,t then i will text u here.
    Reply me pls.
  13. Yes u can txt it here itself.
  14. I have many questions , hope sure u will able to answer me.
    1. How to know either my application is online or offline. My agent lodged my file on 9 oct but when i got vfs tracking id then on 9 oct i track and i saw ur passport has been forward to new delhi canada office. On the very next day , they wrote ur application is being processed. It is online bcoz on the next they didn,t write ur application is forwarded.
    2. When i link my tracking id into cic website then i got full detailed and over top they have written uci number and application number and so many more things lik eligibility, medical, additional documents etc.
    3. Over these details they have written application type which is online been written, what does it mean. It is onli e or offline. I am confused.
    4. Today i checked and something is wriitten that ur application is being processed which is just written just beyond to review for eleigibilty.

    Pls tell me.
  15. Its online u only said it in your query. Wen ur application review will be started they change the status.
    What about ur medical status

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