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FIDO hit my score by 60 points ! why ?! *New Customer*

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Clorets90, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Please could you give me advise what I should do ? I ported my cell phone number into FIDO (I know they do credit check) but my score was not affected right way. so the agent told me that you are not going to pay anything till your bill comes so I said okay ! no problem. The bill came on first of this month July first the due date is 26th July for 95$ till now everything is okay so I monitor my credit through both Equifax & TransUnion.

    My score on equifax did not affect but on TransUnion was hit by 60 points ! and shows a balance of 53$ I did call both transunion & FIDO to understand what happened (FIDO said we do not report until the due is late by 30 days while it shows on my credit they did report on yesterday ) TransUnion said any delay in payment will hit your score.........

    so how come this ! please if anyone is with FIDO tells me what I must do to solve this issue and get the 60 points back or even what will happen in the next month I do not want to damage my credit by my own hand I do not care about money too much but I do care about my reputation ! plus I pre-authorized my credit card.

    please could you tell me is it the credit check or the 53$ balance on my TransUnion damaged my credit.

    I'm most grateful to who help me.
  2. If I'm reading this correct, then if FIDO says they didn't charge a late fee or claims your account was not overdue, then they need to fight on your behalf and get that off your credit. That will be their responsibility to contact TransUnion and get it removed.

    Honestly 60 points isn't horrible. If you were actually late, then pay the debt and your score will rise again slowly. In the meantime, use a Credit Card and start bettering your credit.

    I would honestly just kiss it as a loss, pay the debt and move on (Unless Fido told you, word for word, that you were never late, then yes have them fight it) . Do your banking online from here on out, set reminders, do auto-pay etc. It will help you in the long run and ensure your payments are made on time each and every time.
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  3. It could have decreased because FIDO checked your credit when you signed up. It isn't normal to check your credit score so often.
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  4. Yes it is correct I reached out to the Area Manager and he promised to fix all this issue he clearly explained that I did not miss any payment.
    He was shocked when he saw it.
    And he said your account age is only one week how come that FIDO reported you!
    So I'm waiting his answer.
    He apologised many times....
    Lets see if I would get them.
  5. They said it will hit you by 3-7 points maximum!
    But mine got hit by 60.
    Which is abnormal and annoying...
    I started checking every day I noticed employees do not care too much about there mistakes... they just work to get paid not loving their jobs.

    You know everytime I go to doctor when she scan my ID it always shows old address for 8 months ( ICBC employee forgot to scan my ID he just put sticker on it)
    as a newcomer I didn't know all this so I went by chance and other employee explain me the issue and he fixed it....

    Those tiny things make huge difference.
  6. OK how do u know ur score changed... are u using free apps or u actually pulled out the score.

    Now tech 60 points is too much ... That much is not even for car loans worth 100k... so something is missing
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  7. I signed with both TransUnion & Equifax online account with unlimited updates to score & report so I got email notification telling me your score is changed that's how I knew.

    Yes 60 is TOO MUCH I'm still waiting there answer FIDO said we will fix this within one week so I'm still waiting....

    It is there mistake they must fix it I will not leave it like that even my FIDO account shows negative money which I paid 2 months....
  8. Did you make sure that your SIN has not been compromised and the balance is meant for FIDO only?
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  9. For the compromisation I don't know how I can check if it's compromised?
  10. Probably calling credit bureaus and finding out why you lost 60 points would be a good idea.. it is unlikely that you lost that much points because of applying a mobile phone connection. I'm not sure about Canada as I'm yet to move there but in US. it takes a quite an amount time for unpaid balances to show up in credit. After 60 days companies pass the unpaid balances to collection agency.. they try to get it from you and then finally it shows up in your credit if they cannot get it.

    There is a good chance many points could be lost possibly because multiple credit cards or loans applied using your SIN number. Or someone's unpaid balance got applied on your credit is another possibility
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