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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by J3lib3li, Feb 1, 2018.

  2. Thanks for starting this! I've sent off our application today, paid for express postage so hopefully it will be there in 4-5 business days! Could someone start a spreadsheet and post a link?
  3. Just sent in my application again this afternoon! Praying for the best.
    Last time our application was returned because I wrote my PA's mailing address as my address in Canada, and we didn't fill out the Use of Representative form. Anyone else planning to submit their application - don't make this same mistake :)
  4. Oh no! When did you apply the first time? How long did it take for it to come back to you?
  5. We applied on Oct 30th last year. It was returned to me on Dec 21st and we received it on Jan 2nd.
  6. My application was received today second time sending first time was sent October 27th and return December 22nd
    Was missing my husband child form prior relationship birth certificate and in additional family I didn’t put full address with postal code
    Fingers crossed for this time
  7. Hi, may I ask you, is your husband the sponsor or the principal applicant ? The thing is we didn’t include my husband’s (sponsor) child’s birth certificate either because he is a Canadian citizen by birth but now I’m wondering if we should have include that too?
  8. Hello guys,
    I need advice urgently.
    This is our second application since we got married. The first one was in March 2016. Till date we never got a response from the cic.

    We made another paper application in March 2017 and its past ten months; no word from the cic, no correspondence. We have called severally and no response. Worse still, we have been unable to link the application to the online status. We are in the dark.
    Im am worried and my wife and I are so distraught about this. Please I need advice before I decide to pull the plug on this application and just get on with a normal life.
    I look forward to responsesand advice asap.
    Thank you.
  9. My husband is the PA we share a child together as well and the child is a Canadian Citizen and we had to include a birth certificate for him as well
  10. Ok thank you
  11. hello guys! May somebody add me on february 2018 spreadsheet. our application was received february 2, 2018. thank you! im(PA) from PH by the way
  12. My application was Sent on Feb. 5th and Received Feb. 6th! I'm PA, boyfriend is common law Sponsor! We have 2 kids together ( Canadian Citizens! )
  13. Wow that was quick! Yay! Where did you send it from?

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