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FD258 for PCC outside USA

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by rdangwal, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. I am currently in india and need to fill FD258 for FBI PCC i have below question

    • How long will the PCC with be valid
    • Can i fill it by myself or do i need to got fingerprint agency to do it
    • If i am filling it by self what is the ORI and signature of official taking fignerprint i need put or shall i leave it blank,do these this are important and must be required
  2. I just did one for my spouse; we’re outside the United States. The whole process took about a week to get the report. I took the prints myself.

    It should remain valid as long as you do not return to the US.
    You can fill out the card yourself (I did).
    Leave blank, however, I did fill in the date.
  3. Did you fill all those madatory field
    -signature of official taking fingerprint
  4. ORI - I left blank, even though her name changed after marriage; I didn’t fill her maiden name.
    Signature of official taking fingerprints - l left blank, sine I took them. However, I did date it.
  5. How about employee and address does it mandatory ..and how long it take to get your PCC
  6. I left “EMPLOYER and ADDRESS” blank. The whole process, as I posted above, took about a week.

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