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Fanshawe January 2020?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by mayankraj, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. I applied for fanshawe a month ago. No response yet? Anyone else who could enlighten on this delay?
  2. Same status here.

    No responses and no update.

    When inquired, it seems like Fanshawe international team is busy in welcoming students for Fall 2019.

    Their turn around time is 3-6 weeks. But its 7th week since the date of application. No response & no way to contact though. :-(
  3. Yeah I guess they will start sending out replies in third week of September, I am running out of time for my Conestoga deadline so I guess I am moving ahead with it.
  4. Have you applied for Fanshawe through an agent? Because i have apllied through an agent and i haven't recieved any mail from the college, not even the mail that i have applied in their college.
  5. Yeah i applied through an agent. They said fanshawe never sends any mails to students for confirming their application.
    This is a very weird procedure though. Keeping the applicant in the dark.
  6. Very strange procedure.
  7. Yup. I have done it through an agent.

    Now, they are saying that seats for my opted course has been filled up and if there is any availability my admission will be processed!

    After waiting for 7 weeks and after several mails, this is what they said.

    I seriously wonder how the quality of education will be, even for admission such a big college does not have proper procedure or a standard to follow.
  8. How do you know that they roll out offers in 3rd week of Sep'19?
  9. I believe that is when their 8 week official replying time ends. Also, they will be done with Sep 2019 in take by then so they can focus on Jan 2020 intake.
    Just a logical assumption
  10. Same thoughts brother. Not being transparent with the applicants for the admission procedure is not what I was looking for when I opted for Canada. Still not a single mail from Fanshawe on what is going on with my application. Been 2 months since I applied.

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