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Family visit visa, family applying from 2 different countries


Aug 7, 2017
Hi, I just graduated from university and now on a work permit. I am planning to get my parents and brother to Canada for my convocation. I have 3 doubts:

1. Is it enough that they have one application, say my dad is primary applicant and he adds family members: my mom and brother. My confusion is: my parents reside in one country and my brother studies in a different country. In the questionnaire my dad filled out, they asked where each family member resides. Doesnt it mean that they acknowledge that the family members can reside in different countries for a group application? Say it is possible to apply as one group: I'm wondering how my brother will submit his passport for visa stamp, etc. Also, in the documents upload section, do they compile all their documents? For example for passport as one single PDF, do they compile all their pages and submit? Or do they let each applicant submit separately?

2. In my invitation letter, what all documents do I need to submit apart from my work permit? I'm not sponsoring them.

3. I stay in a 4 bedroom appartment; 2 concerns - my lease ends in May1, and they arrive mid-May. I have not finalized any new place to stay after May yet. Another concern is, will it be fine to have 3 extra people stay in my appartment; I mean will the visa officers see that as a problem? Our actual plan is to book airBNBs just a week before plans finalize. But as of now we are unsure.

Thanks in advance!


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May 23, 2014
1. If your brother is over 21 years old, he has to apply separately.
Otherwise, your parents and brother can apply together.
The instructions for each applicant will be in the document checklist when the application is started.

Honestly, I don't think it really matters if you upload the documents in the proper slots, just as long as you submit them.

2. A record/letter of employment with your salary and some bank statements would be ideal, even if you are not sponsoring them.

3. Don't worry about this at all.