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Extract of Driving License experience letter

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by incanadainn, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. Greetings everyone,

    I passed G1 test last week, however, before that the person at the counter asked me for my Driving License (DL) from India to see if my experience can be added.

    Since my name in DL doesn't have my full name, say my name is James Bond - in DL it is James B, and my passport has James Bond in it - he didn't add any experience to it. He asked me to get DL experience letter having full name from Consulate General of India (CGI) in Canada or from Regional Transport office (RTO) in India. I learnt that CGI doesn't provide such letters anymore and hence I asked my family back home to get it from RTO. RTO informed that they only provide the extract of DL and hence whatever name is in DL (i.e James B) will be in the experience letter and in order to have full name, I should apply for name change in person. For this I will have to wait for few months to go back to India and do it all by myself.

    Can anyone suggest if there is any other alternative that can be tried to get the experience letter with my full name while I am in Canada which will enable to go for G2 driving test immediately and not wait for an year or go back to India for name change in DL?

    Did anyone have similar problem like me and how they overcame it? If yes, please share your experience.

    Thanks in advance
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  2. hi
    i m sorry but the only way it like you bribe officer in Indian and get same name as passport to your letter than only its possible apart from it its can not be done
    secondly if you have more than 2 yrs driving experience you can go directly G full license after G1
    as i got same with mine and now i m driving my own car hear with G i passed just last week 12 of august
  3. Hahaha thanks for your honest reply :)

    I have 5+ years experience but cannot goto G2 or G because of my last name not being expanded.

    I have decided to go back during vacation to India and apply for name change in my DL. Until then I will use Public transit here, which is great :)
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  4. Hi Everyone

    I need to add experience in my G2 (I am living in ontario), can someone from my family get the DL Extract from delhi considering I have my original indian license with me in Canada. Plz Sugest
  5. You should try to get a notary affidavit stating DL extract name and Passport name are one and the same, try submitting all three docs to drivetest and see if that helps.
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  6. What is the process of obtaining dl extract in haryana
  7. I tried this today at Service Ontario at 777 Bay. They said they do not accept Notary Affidavits or a letter fro CGI for such name issues as stated above. They only accept documents from the transport authority in India which is ridiculous.
  8. Pls let me know, if you have found how to go with it
  9. Hi All,

    is there any way i can get Direct G licence as i dont have any previous Exp
  10. in India every thing is possible , but in other countries I don't know .
  11. struggling with the same problem here mate!, by the way does your extract mention your full name along with the name on the DL ? Because mine does show my full name ‘James Bond’ along with ‘James B’ ,per say, as on DL card and mayyyybe i have a chance here that i might get permission to go for G2 right away , what do you say?
  12. Hi, I got my license in India from Oct 2017, can I get a DL extract to apply from G2 TO G?
  13. I have close to 10 years of driving experience however DOB on my license is incorrect. Now my DL extract DOB would not match with what I have on my passport. How can I claim for my driving experience and appear directly for G.

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