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Extend visitor status! Help!

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by TPCai, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Hi!
    So, i`m in Canada for the past 4 months with my fiancee who is Canadian, we are together for 3 years, living together for 2 years (But outside Canada, only 4 months here).
    Now I want to extend my stay as visitor and soon apply to common-law sponsorship process, my question is, can i submit my fiancee`s bank statements, tax report, employment letter, and a letter telling that he is providing to me, and we are gonna to apply to common-law sponsorship process?
    Also, I have some money with me, should I put in a Canadian bank account with my name and submit this bank statement too?
  2. Hi

    If you have been here 4 months, it is still too early to apply for an extension. Submit the app a few weeks before your 6 months is up. Leave out the tax report and employment letter. A bank statement and letter of support is fine.
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  3. You can apply Visitor status extension only once you reach one month expiry period... so you need to wait one more month... you can stay in implied status....since your intention is to apply for sponsorship, you must mention "Dual Intent" in covering letter... all other details are same as visitor visa... financial support from your fiancee... employment letter , bank statement , pay stubs, I suggest to include recent notice of assessment... also if you are requesting for more than 6 months extension ( it can be extended only for one year ) , i suggest u to buy medical insurance as well and attach with application ( this is not mandatory but its good)...
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  4. Thank you! I’m gonna request 6 months. Do you know how much money is enough for they? The first and second bank statement was around 2K, but the recent one was 6K because my fiancée just got a new job last month, you think is enough?
  5. As long as he has a letter that states he will support you, adequate proof of income, savings and what the others noted above. Yes, I believe so.
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  6. Forgot to include it also depends on the officer.
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