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Express Entry - Self Employed

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nathanfit, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    I am considering to apply on a self employed basis of athletics as I qualify as a fitness instructor etc.

    I was wondering if the new express entry affects my category's processing time?
    I have experience of 4 years currently as a self employed sport services provider, healthy, no criminal record, age 25, single but I do not have a lot of funds, What is the minimum requirement?

    What other visas can I try? if the processing time has not improved.
    PNP?FSW? I have no job offer...
    I will consider gaining a bachelor degree in Adaptive Physical Education if the immigration might take more than 3 years.

    Whats your opinions?

    Happy to join this forum and community.
  2. I am no expert on this, however numbers below might help - just to give you a hint how much you funds needed.
    Number of Family Members - Funds Required (in Canadian dollars)
    1 $12,164
    2 $15,143
    3 $18,617
    4 $22,603
    5 $25,636
    6 $28,913
    7 or more $32,191

    Also, just to give you insight on why we like to apply under this self-employed application. As you may already know for Canada Immigration Application must complete or gain a certain number of points. For example, Express Entry application they needed to achieve at least, I believe 67 points. BUT, under the self-employed the points that you only must attain is at minimum of 35 points however, the time frame on this stream is much longer compared to the other application process. Since you mentioned about not having enough funds, I think this self-employed suits you. Why? since the application process takes longer, you will have enough time to save up more funds and gather more experiences.
  3. In 5 years I will be able to overcome the 67 points limit
    in 3 years I can finish my bachelor degree and qualify as a teacher of special needs etc.
    But I would like to hear about the express entry and its shortening time if exists after the express entry

    btw I dont seem to find any information about self employed immigration requiring any funds but you are the 2nd person to tell me that they require proof.

  4. The amounts of funds you found I just checked they are for the federal skilled worker path
    not for the self employed one...
    Can anyone shed some more light on this please?
    about this new system and why there is no SOL
    how can I know if I qualify?
  5. I just want to ask is anyone know is fitness instructor NOC cod 5254 exempt from LMIA ?thanks

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