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Express Entry Score

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Secil, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. The minimum score for the latest draw for express entry is 471 which I suppose the highest until now. I feel really depressed because of it. I have been struggling to obtain from 453 to 466 points; both below the cut-off.
    Should I simply give up or there is still hope? What are the expectations? Can the minimum score go down and if so, to what level perhaps?? 450s still stand a chance?
  2. Try for PNP, you will definitely get a nomination from one of the state
  3. I have also checked for that one. It is hard for physicians especially if you are a specialist. You need a job offer almost all the time. And for a job offer as a physician you need to be a citizen:))
  4. learn french. I want to encourage you to explore the French option. I knew pnp would not work for me as a lawyer. I had 425. With French I now have 470. Got 45 extra. I learnt for 6months and wrote TEF in the 7th month. Give it a thought.
  5. Don’t give up buddy...just hang in there
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  6. 450s we cant hope ..but 460 i think it may drop down ..
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  7. Thanks everyone.
  8. Sorry to the bearer of bad news but unless you studied in a few countries like the US, UK, South Africa, etc. you will not be able to get licensed as a radiologist in Canada. You would have to redo your residency but there won’t be any open residency spots. The only way to move to Canada would be to work in another field. Doctors will never be on PNP. There aren’t actually a ton of open positions for doctors in Canada. Some actually move abroad when they can’t find a job in Canada. That doesn’t mean that there are no wait times. Purely a budget issue and there isn’t the money to hire enough doctors to have no wait lists.
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    Interesting, that begs the question why is Canada inviting such candidates then ?

    maybe coz immigration is their primary source of funds these days?

  10. Just clarifying that Canada is not inviting the IMGs they are seeking out immigration.

    Immigration applications are certainly not a money making endeavour. It costs more money to process applications than the application fees. The immigration system attempts to bring in skilled and educated people to Canada in general. There is no need for dentists or pharmacists in Canada yet thousands are admitted every year. No need for lawyers as well but professional degrees get more points. Perhaps the point system should be updated but these things don’t happen quickly.
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    half a decade of express entry is not enough to make changes ??

    Any facts to corroborate your assumptions ?
    Canada/Australia are the only 2 countries making money out of immigration.

    Last I read:

    immigration generates: 3 billion dollars per year
    international education generates: 7.6 billion dollars per year

    while single immigrants dumps 20k CAD in bank accounts, family of 4 usually dump 40kCAD in bank accounts to start with.

    Between Manitoba/Halifax etc are conducting PNP awareness programs in Delhi/Dubai to dupe more people.

  12. Putting money into your personal bank account does not benefit Canada. Immigrants who come and move to Canada and work are certainly do benefit the Canadian economy but the new Canadians also benefits from immigration through healthcare, infrastructure schooling, etc. It has nothing to do with fees that immigrants submit for PR. The cost to apply for PR are minimal and lower than many other countries. The fees don’t cover the actual cost of the application but because some immigrants are coming from countries where the exchange rate is not very good, Canada keeps the fees low so it is affordable to most p. It may take a while for someone to gather the application money but they aren’t being asked to pay 10k per family member to apply. The consultants (often outside Canada) often charge more to fill out the forms than the actual application. Canada offers the option to fill out the forms yourself which can make immigration even more affordable. The panel physicians exams usually benefit doctors from outside Canada and they set their own rates. International education and students has nothing to do with immigration it has to do with students wanting to study abroad to further their career. In Canada it also allows an easier path to PR. Schools certainly benefit from educating international students but the families of international students have also not been contributing to the tax base for decades so there should be a difference between international and domestic fees. Nobody is forcing someone to study abroad. That is the person’s choice.

    Some provinces may want to sell their provinces on the international scene because MB and NS don’t have huge immigrant populations so people who are applying to come to Canada are often focused on moving to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Yet again nobody is forcing someone to apply. There is tons of information available about the pros and cons of living in Canda and the cost to live here.

    You are constantly complaining about Canada is to new Canadians and how awful Canada is yet you continue to live in Canada. Nobody is forcing you to live here.
  13. Its a public forum, this is exactly what you keep doing in other threads.

    I have learnt this from you, even when ppl ask you not to post in a particular thread, you keep doing the same.

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