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Express Entry- Proof of Funds


Feb 15, 2020
Hello Everyone,

I have received an invitation to apply to Canada express entry but I am facing a challenge with providing proof of funds. I am Lebanese and I only have a Lebanese bank account but due to the recent economic crisis in Lebanon, I had to withdraw all my money as Lebanese banks were/are increasingly doing restrictions on cashing and transferring money. To clarify more, in almost all banks in Lebanon, if I have for instance 10K I cannot cash more than 400$ per month and I cannot transfer any of the money that I have in my account to another bank outside Lebanon nor can I use my Lebanese debit card for purchasing purposes outside the country.

I only have few hundred dollars in my Lebanese account but a close relative is willing to provide me with the gift deed including all the money that I need to have in order to support my stay in Canada. However, it would be a highly risky choice to ask him to transfer the money to Lebanon given the current crisis.

Do you have any suggestion/ advice on how to solve this issue?
I was thinking of opening an account on transferwise and have the gift deed wired there but would the immigration services accept this option? noting that I'll be using an electronic account that dates less than 6 months.

Your help and feedback is much appreciated!