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Express Entry Profile Ineligible

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by canadapr1982, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Hello All,

    First of all I am using come to Canada tool and it says I am not eligible.So,I don't have profile in express entry because I am not getting 67 points for FSW. The second thing I applied SINP OID on 1st Jan 2018.My question is that let say I got nomination from Saskatchewan, So can I accept nomination without having profile in express entry from Saskatchewan as I don't have profile in express entry. Or I can create profile in express entry once i will get nomination from Saskatchewan.
  2. imo you need to qualify for the express entry in addition to the PNP. the PNP nomination comes into the Express Entry Profile and adds 600 to the existing points. No profile = no points.

    however, you may be able to try for the OID under SINP if your NOC is in the OID list, it's a physical (and long wait) process and imo does not require an EE profile. GL !

    try asking @ashuindian who i believe has got nominated through the OID program !
  3. Hello @ashuindian,
    Please help!
    I had applied for sinp in October 2017. May 02, 2018 I had received an email stating the ineligibility on the basis of NOC code not matching. I had used 1122 and they suggest my job responsibilities matches wirth 0125. Because 0125 wasn't in occupation in-demand list then when I had applied, they consider me ineligible.
    I have also applied for express entry fswo on Feb 2018 with the same noc 1122. I am worried if the federal will too consider me ineligible.
    My consultant informed about this only yesterday. Am too furious. What in your opinion should be my next step, please?

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