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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Africa' started by Matthew75, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. Dear All, I am planning to relocate to Canada from Nigeria probably next year. kindly advice me on the steps to be taken to a successful entry
  2. Do you already have PR or do you still have to apply?
  3. I have not applied. I need guidelines on application. Kindly put me through.
  4. Someone should help me out, I love to relocate to canada pls help me make my dream to reality from Nigeria to Canada...
  5. Hi Matthew, most of the information you need can be found on the CIC website. The first steps include getting your ECA assessment and writing IELTS. If you had your university education in Nigeria you might want to start your credentials assessment process first and then register for IELTS once that is close to being concluded.

    This is only a suggestion as Nigerian public educational institutions have a reputation of taking time when it comes to playing their part in the credentials assessment process.
  6. I need urgent help!!! My visa was approved this morning. The problem at hand now is that the expiry date is 21/February 2018 which is the same date my medical will expire! My PUM is yet to come and I already have a deadline to entire Canada. I have Only Monday to leave for Canada, what do I do plssss! I have sent three mails to Ghana Visa office today and no response still! I’m so disturbed
  7. please i will appreciate if my question is being attended to. i am applying for a study permit i got all required documents except tax clearance, please will it be an issue regards decision to my visa approval. waiting for kind reply. thanks
  8. Hi All,

    I started my Canada immigration process last year, done ielts with score L7.5, RWS6.5 also evaluated Bsc cert with WES. Right now I’m in the pool with CRS 360.

    Now, the plan is to increase CRS by retaking ielts and aiming at LSWR:8777, I have also been looking at ways of acquiring a 2nd certificate and here is where I need advice.
    I found a 9 months undergraduate diploma programme at Unilag. My questions are, will this programme be evaluated by WES and return as 2 certificates along with my already verified Bsc? Again will it raise a red flag with Canadian visa officer as the programme isn’t an upgrade to my already acquired Bsc and does it matter if I choose to do a similar course to what I studied?
  9. Good Morning, I would like to start my Canadian process, can anyone please advice the best way to o about it and also are there any group I can join. the few ones have seen are india group . I need a Nigeria group.
  10. Please I want to start Canada visa process, what are the process to follow step by step, I'm in Nigeria, Ilesa precisely, I have my valid passport, NCE result and B.ed please, I need your guide help me

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