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Express Entry - Eligibility Not Met - Please Help

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by d.jay55, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I applied through express entry in December 2018 and got AOR on Jan 15 (for myself and my wife). On GC Key the status shows as 'Eligibility is under review' but I called IRCC yesterday to ask for a status and they said that according to the notes on my file the status is 'Eligibility Not Met' and when I asked for a reason they said that I did not provide sufficient information regarding my Job and Duties for the work experience that I have claimed.

    I was really banking on the PR coming through as my L1 expired in the US and I have to leave the US this week.

    Can someone please help me with what my next step should be?

    1) Should I put together a document explaining my Job and Duties and send to IRCC via the web form right away? If yes, what format should I use and should I send the same information for my wife's work experience too as I am unclear if they want for just the principle applicant or dependents too?

    2) Or Should I wait until my status changes on GC Key before I action anything?

    Lastly, can CIC deny my PR based on this or will they atleast give me a chance to provide additional information before denying?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Yes, they can deny your PR. They may ask for additional information, they may not. It depends on the officer.

    You can submit something right away. Not sure if it will help, but it definitely won't hurt. You can use the webform (Google IRCC webform) to submit this. Write a letter explaining that you called IRCC and learnt that the officer feels you don't meet the eligibility requirements and are attempting to proactively address any questions they may have.

    The work experience requirement is really for the principal applicant. You don't need to address your wife's work experience (did you add this in her work history? You know you don't get points for this and you didn't need to, right?)
  3. Thank you for the quick reply.

    Yes, I did include my wife's work experience thinking it would help support the application.

    Is there any specific format I should use for the Job Duties? I will be sure to include a LOE.
  4. There's no format. You just have to prove that your duties meet the requirements of the NOC you applied under. What did you submit with your original application?
  5. I submitted my proof of employment letter that has details about the company, salary and job. But it looks like that may not have sufficed for them.
  6. please I'm at the same situation , what did you do ?
  7. I submitted my employment letter (with job duties, hrs per week, salary, position info) and pay stubs for my current job along with pay stubs, resignation letter, compensation statements for past jobs for both myslelf and my spouse via the IRCC webform.

    Also, I attached a LOE explaing that I called IRCC to enquire abt the status and am submitting this info proactively.

    I submitted this just 2 days ago so haven’t heard back yet.
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  8. Any updates?
    can you tell me please if you did recieve an aor for the document you sent via webform?
  9. did you move into IP2 or was this direct ?
  10. No update yet, no aor yet for ircc forms. Today is 5th Business day.
  11. Not sure what IP2 means.

    The application status is the same.
  12. you didn't try to call ircc?
  13. He is unlikely to hear anything for some time. It's only been 5 days. It may be weeks before he gets some sort of response.
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  14. Hi, any update on what happened eventually? Am in a similar situation.

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