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Express Entry CRS 329

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Kanchangshuman, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hi

    I am Kanchan and I have applied for Family Visa Immigration in Dec 2017. We have a total of CRS 329 including my spouse points. Can you please advise me whether we’ll get our ITA with this point or not. I have appeared for IELTS for 2-3 times but no luck for getting good marks. Please advise when I can expect my ITA.
  2. Hi Dear,

    Never ever lose hope. Keep trying and be patient. No one can say that you don't have any chance. But yes hard work and struggle is a must. So first of all don't be worried.

    In my opinion you can get assistance of any reliable consultant or agency around you. They can guide you how to enhance your ielts score and other prospects, i am sure that there is still chances of improvement in your CRS points. Try to sketch your immigration plan in best possible ways. Don't stick to one plan, think out of the box.

    Again I thought you must take services of reliable consultant, they may guide you and discuss your case in the best possible ways. Good Luck and Never Lose Hope
  3. Hi Dear,

    I have tried for Ielts (2-3 times) but seriously speaking I actually don't have time for preparation and I can't score more than that.As I am working and I have to travel approx 300 KM to and fro daily. I have CLB 7 and if I score CLB 8 (which is next to impossible for me) there will be hike of 12 points only.Please suggest me some other options to get the ITA. What if I apply for PNP with this score.Is there any chance of getting the Invitation. I am also searching for Job through Job Bank but it is of no use....I have applied for Finance Assistant and I am getting an options for sales supervisor, Administrator etc. I mean every thing except Finance Profile.

    Please advise me.

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