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Export vehicle from US to Canada - Weekends

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by american_dream, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. I'm planning to export my car from the US to Canada., I'm okay to use any port in Detroit or New York. Even though the Detroit tunnel / Ambassador bridge / Lewiston bridge (NY) are open 24x7, the office timings are listed as 8am-4pm only on weekdays.

    After receiving ITN and providing 72-hour notice to CBP, will I be able to export the car on weekends in any of these ports?
  2. No, you will need to go during office hours. They need to inspect your papers on the US side, verify the car's VIN number, and stamp the documents. Then you drive over to the Canadian side and show them the papers.

    CBP will email you and tell you the operating hours.

    Here's what my email said:

    Business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed on all U.S. Federal holidays.

    Please arrive by 3:45 pm to allow adequate time to process your paperwork as our office closes right at 4:00pm or you will be asked to come back the following business day.

    We are located in the Lewiston Bridge Cargo Warehouse- Room # 135

    1 Lewiston Bridge Plaza Lewiston, NY (follow the signs for Customs Export)

    The Lewiston Bridge is the only place to export a vehicle in Western New York

    If you receive a response from us – Please do not resubmit the same VIN/Serial number – as it will be kept on file for 6 months.

    Vehicles for export may not be brought to Canada or be in Canada prior to being formally exported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Failure to comply with the requirements set forth in 19 CFR 192.2 may result in a penalty action.
  3. Thank you! A quick follow-up question. Can I complete the export process at CBP office and not cross the border on the same day or continue driving in the US? i.e returning to home in the US and then travel to Canada another day?
  4. I don't think so. Once CBP has marked your vehicle for export, they will stamp the car's title documents, thereby invalidating them in the USA. I'm pretty sure you can't drive around once your car has been marked for export at a border crossing.

    I'm not absolutely sure, but you can email them and ask buffalovinnyoffice@dhs.gov
  5. Thank you. I will check.
  6. american_dream - Did they allow you to drive back to US after exporting your car and then drive to Canada next day?
  7. The Detroit CBP office (Ambassador bridge) is open 24×7, and I was able to export my car on Saturday. So I didnt had to drive back.

    But once exported the only exit available was to Canada.
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  8. Good to have that confirmed. That's what I'd assumed but now we know for sure.
  9. So this facility is indeed 24 x 7 right ? I'm planning to do the export this Saturday at around 3pm. Interestingly, the automatic reply from the CBP mailbox does not mention any office timings (unlike the lewinston office)
  10. Did you use the ambassador bridge ? how was your experience.
  11. Guys, I'm thinking of importing my wife's car on Monday.
    I haven't not submitted the document to CBP (Ambassador bridge). I am thinking of sending the email to them today on Wednesday.

    1. What all documents and information do I need to include in the email?
    2. If I send the email today (Wednesday), can I import the car on Sunday eve/night? Or should I do it on Monday just to be safe (avoiding weekend)?

    Thanks in advance.

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