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expired PR card + stayed only 120 days in the last 5 years

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by box728, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. PR card expired in May 2018;
    only lived in Canada for 120 days

    owns a house in Canada; has bank account;driver license;ohip card;attended ESL classes in 2016


    Is it still be able to return back to Canada to keep the PR status? Thanks. This time, plan to stay for two years at least. Many thanks!
  2. They will likely be reported. Your only option would be to attempt to enter via the US border and hope you don't get reported. The person never qualified for OHIP if they only stayed in Canada for 120 days. Owning a house makes no difference. You can be a foreign national and own a home.
  3. Seems like you almost completed all the pieces of the RO puzzle, except the most important one, LIVING here
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  4. can the person use her "not expired super visa" to get onto the plane to enter into Canada directly? but at the board of entry, she will show her expired PR card and tell the officer that she is back to reunion with her husband from now on (also a PR, but lived enough time and also has successfully extended this PR card)
  5. You would be committing a crime by presenting a fake PR card. No your plan will not work. You need to show your valid PR card.
  6. It is not a fake PR card. It is just expired. That’s all.
  7. The visa has long been cancelled. Even though it's not "expired" on the passport, it was cancelled when she became a PR. Attempting to board with that will not work.
  8. Only two ways to come

    1. Apply for PRTD - high chance of a rejection and PR revocation
    2. Come to the US and then come to a land border - high chance of getting reported and revocation proceedings; but at least she will be allowed into Canada and can attempt to appeal the case with a lawyer etc. If extremely lucky, may be allowed in with no report, in which case you're home free and just need to live here for two years.

    You can appeal the case from her home country as well for #1, but that's obviously harder.
  9. Sorry read not expired PR card at the beginning. Still won’t work.
  10. The super visa was canceled when you obtained PR and is no longer valid. It cannot be used to travel and will show up as invalid in airline systems.

    You need either a valid PR card or PR Travel Document to board an airplane to Canada. The alternative is to fly to the US and re-enter Canada through a land border using a private vehicle.

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