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Expired PR card,needs to fly urgently to India

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Kiranjotgill, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. MY PR card is expired and I need to go India asap because father is critically ill.Please help me out with tips how do i get PR card renewal asap.
  2. You don't need a valid PR card to leave Canada. You can leave Canada now without a valid PR card.

    Once you are in India, you can apply for a PR Travel Document to return to Canada. There will be no issues getting the PR TD approved as long as you meet the PR residency requirement.
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  3. Send the renewal application before you leave, give family/friend's address. Have them send the PR card to you if/when they receive it. In the meanwhile, also apply for PRTD when you reach India. Use either PR card or PRTD, whichever one you receive first to return to Canada.

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