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***EXPIRED COPR + Medical due to COVID Situation***


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Oct 4, 2018
I am Canadian PR holder and had applied for spousal sponsorship for my wife and it was approved. COVID happened and came all the restrictions and cancellations with it. Her flight was booked for 16th May 2020 which got cancelled by the airlines. COPR and Medical expired on 11th June 2020.

Based on the IRCC newsletter release, we were told to inform them about the expiry and again inform them when we are ready to travel. They would then provide additional information on our process.

I had informed IRCC via webforms about the situation before the expiration date (after flight cancellation). Though the air travel now is not 100% normal but still moving. On 30th Aug 2020, I again informed IRCC that she is ready to fly to Canada. Waiting for their response for further details.

Recently, there was another newsletter stating expired COPR holders can travel to Canada. However, nothing was mentioned about the medical validity. Usually, COPR and medical have the same validity date.

If someone else is in a similar situation or went through the similar process, your input/information is appreciated. Thank you!