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Experience - How we received our CoPR in less than 180 days

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by rathia, May 18, 2019.

  1. This article provides the activity-wise and day-wise project plan which was used by us for fast tracking our Canada Express Entry Process. We received our CoPR in less than 6 months without the help of any external agent.

    Background :
    1. Family consisted of husband & wife ONLY. No Kids.
    2. Both had completed Bachelor’s & Master’s from recognized colleges based in India.
    3. Both had more than 3 years of experience in one or more skill listed in the Canada NOC List (NOC details explained later in the article)
    4. We appeared only for English Proficiency Exam (I.E.L.T.S.). No proficiency exam given for French Language.
    5. We did not hire or approach any agency / agent for this process. All details are clearly stated on the “Government of Canada” website in a very simple and unambiguous terms. We found it very easy to understand the entire process and the requirements.
    Disclaimer : Please do not take the timelines mentioned in this article as sacrosanct. Depending on the applicant profiles & agencies involved, the timelines may change drastically. For accurate information, please use the respective official sites to identify the end-to-end average cycle time.The information mentioned in this article is purely based on our research, experience & memory. We are not authorized Immigration Consultants & would not be able to provide any guidance about the process to anyone except sharing our experience.


    To ensure that the process from application to confirmation gets completed in the shortest possible time, following are the steps that we followed :-

    Day 1

    Step 1 : Overview of the process & documentation requirements

    All details were available on the Government of Canada website :-


    Following is the link that provides the mandatory documentation requirements for Canada Express Entry Program :-


    Step 2 : Calculated Preliminary CRS Score

    We calculated our CRS Score using the free tool provided by Government of Canada to give us an initial idea :-


    We also checked our score viz-a-viz the other applicants in the following link to assess our standing in the pool of applications


    Step 3 : Registration for Language Proficiency Test

    We registered for I.E.L.T.S. General Exam & took a date which was 75 calendar days from Day 1.

    Our focus was to achieve maximum marks in the Language Proficiency Test. We realized that any impact on other factors (part of Section A, B & C) such as Age, Education & Experience cannot lead to drastic change in the CRS Score within 3 months. However, a high score in Language proficiency test can ensure that we get a high CRS Score.

    The I.E.L.T.S. booklet & the mock videos available on Youtube were our starting point. We also found sample questions on Macmillan and Kaplan sites which helped us to prepare.

    Disclaimer : We are not promoting the use of I.E.L.T.S. here. We are only mentioning our experience. Readers are free to select other tests as well.

    Following link provides details about other tests :-


    Step 4 : Researched for Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

    Based on our research for the approved ECA agencies we shortlisted WES.

    Disclaimer : We are not promoting the use of WES. We are only mentioning our experience. Readers are free to select other agencies.

    Following link includes other agency details :-


    We reviewed the documentation requirements of WES and found out the process to apply for the transcripts accordingly with our respective college / university. For this we searched for the process on the university site / sent mail to the admin office / searched in Canadian EE Forum for past experiences / sent a friend to find out the process from University office. The process is different across different universities. This entire process from application to dispatch of transcripts to WES Toronto took us around 45 days. There were some specific requirements of WES for the documents which required coordination with the university.

    Step 5 : Identified NOC

    Canada uses National Occupational Classification (NOC) system to classify jobs (occupations). We identified the NOC code under which our work experience was classified using the link :-


    Step 6 : Identify the requirements under the Proof of Funds

    There was a minimum “Proof of Funds” required. We identified that requirements and planned to apply with our respective bank branches for the proofs accordingly. The details are mentioned in the link below :-


    PS : As per the current requirements, average balance for the last 6 months should be printed in the bank letter.

    Step 7 : Passport Validity

    Checked whether our passports are valid for 6 years or more. Since we had renewed our passports a few months back ours were valid for more than 6 years.

    Day 2

    Step 1 : Apply for Experience Certificate

    There are very specific requirements in terms of the details required in this certificate. We went through the details and applied for an experience letter with our company (current / past) for the experience letter. Some companies had asked for a draft which was then used by them to prepare this letter. Finding a relevant NOC code was an important pre-requisite. It took us around 30 days to receive all the required experience letters.

    Step 2 : Education Credential Assessment — Application to University / College

    We applied to our respective university / colleges based on the research done on Day 1. The application process was completed in 30 days. This was due to the individual requirements of each University. Having a contact in the university / in that city who can travel to University Admin Office helped us to coordinate.

    Day 25

    Step 1 : WES Reference Number

    We filled the WES form and generated the WES reference number. This was done when we were sure that the transcripts will be dispatched by the college in next 7–10 days. This form was filled separately for everyone.

    Step 2 : Filter important mails from different agencies

    To ensure that we don’t miss out on any mails from all these agencies, a filter was created in our mail box at the start of the process so that no such mail lands up in the SPAM folder or gets missed out. This was of great help.

    Day 30

    Step 1 : Dispatch of Documents to WES

    The Transcripts & other required documents were dispatched to the WES Toronto as per the requirement by college / university. The WES reference number was written on the sealed envelop as per the requirements of WES.

    Step 2 : Receipt of Experience Letters

    Received all relevant experience letters from the companies in which we had worked. These letters were scanned & original were kept in a CANADA specific folder for future use.

    Day 35

    Documents received by WES Canada. Details were updated on their website.

    Day 60

    Received mail communication that the ECA report was generated. We logged into the site & downloaded the report. Hard Copy was received at a later stage.

    Day 76

    I.E.L.T.S. Exam — Listening, Reading & Writing

    Day 79

    I.E.L.T.S. Exam — Speaking

    Day 85

    We created an Express Entry profile on the “Government of Canada” website.


    Day 88

    We received the hard copy of the WES report.

    Day 90

    We received all the bank documents for which we had applied. All documents were scanned and hard copies were saved in a separate folder. These documents would have to be taken at the time of first entry.
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  2. Day 91

    Communication was received that I.E.L.T.S. Result was available on the website. We downloaded the marksheet. Hard copy was received at a later stage.

    Day 92

    Step 1 : Express Entry Application

    We submitted the Express Entry profile with all the details (IELTS Score, NOC Code, Passport Details, etc.). Details are mentioned in the following link :-


    Step 2 : Proof of Funds Application

    We submitted the application in our respective bank branches for “Proof of Funds” letter.

    Step 3 : Police Clearance Certificate

    We submitted the application for the “Police Clearance Certificate” on the Indian Government website (Passport Seva) and were able to select the next day for the visit to the passport office.

    Day 94

    We went to the passport office & submitted required documents. Since we had renewed our passports a few months back and a police verification had happened at that time, we received our PCC document on the same day.

    Those going by the standard process should apply slightly earlier to ensure that there is no delay due to this document in your Application submission.

    PS : PCC is only valid for 6 months from the date of issue for Canada EE process.

    Day 112

    We received the hard copy of the I.E.L.T.S. marksheet.

    Day 115

    Canada selects the highest-ranked candidates from the pool of completed applications & invites them to apply. A cut off is declared between 15–45 days duration.

    We had a high score and hence we received the “Invitation to Apply” in the next round itself.

    For details about the cutoffs in the previous rounds please check the following link :-


    Day 117

    As part of the ITA application, we were asked the following details as well :-

    • Places where we had stayed in last 10 years (Address, From / To, City etc.). Both of us were more than 28 years old hence we had to provide details for last 10 years. The rule was last 10 years or after you turn 18 years old.
    • Foreign Trips (Location, From / To, etc.)
    • Work Experience (From / To, NOC Code, etc.)
    Filling up the above details was a long process and we took a couple of days to prepare this in an excel template for each individual separately.

    Day 118

    Along with the ITA, we also received instructions for Medical Examination. We printed that document and booked an appointment at an authorized medical center (details given on the Canadian Government site).


    Day 122

    We went for the Medical Examination. We received a confirmation letter at the end of the day (at the time of leaving) that the medical examination had been conducted. The report was submitted directly to the website by the Doctor. We did not get any copy of this report.

    Day 124

    All scanned documents were uploaded on the website. In some cases, there were multiple scanned documents, but we had to upload a single file. In those cases, we combined all the relevant documents using Acrobat Professional to create a single file to upload.

    This process took us 2 days to complete since we wanted to be extra careful to ensure that the application is not returned / rejected due to incorrect documentation.

    Day 133

    We received an inquiry from our case officer to provide more details about the foreign travel. We submitted the documents (flight tickets, accommodation confirmation details, custom entry/exit stamps in our old passports) for reference.

    Day 150

    Success !

    We received a mail to send our passports to the Canadian Embassy for stamping. The passports were sent via VFS Global centre.

    Day 155

    The passports were submitted to the VFS Global center for dispatch.

    Day 175

    Stamped Passports & “Confirmation of Permanent Residency” document was received by us. We were supposed to complete our first landing in Canada before the expiry of the date mentioned in the stamping & on the “Confirmation of Permanent Residency” document.
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  3. Congratulations and thank you for this thorough write up! These will be quite helpful to also get an overview of the steps and how people go through them. Hopefully you will also share similar details of your initial days once you've moved to Canada!
  4. Nicely detailed and a good guide to follow.
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  5. Thanks ! I have recently moved to Canada and still working on the post-arrival pointers. I have already shared another post regarding Pre-Arrival Pointers. In case you are planning to move to Canada in next 12 months, you should go through the below link (if not already done).

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  6. Thanks! I hadn't seen that thread but it looks like just the type of thing I needed.
  7. GOODNESS! 26 from AOR to PPR?? Congrats
  8. Thank you for the detailed explanation!

    Just one question, did you at some point have to upload the IELTS hard copies? Or did you only upload the scores with the Test Report Form Number?
  9. Scan of the hard copy has to be uploaded along with the other documents after you receive the ITA.
  10. Thanks ! Ya. We were very lucky. Plus CRS was also 484 which made things slightly easy.
  11. Hi Rathia,

    Thank you so much for a detailed post. It’s even more useful as it’s so recent. Can I request you to write down a detailed list of all the ITA documents that will be required? I have applied for express entry and am in the pool currently. I want to get prepping. I’ve been researching the website and have a list already but want to have another opinion/list to compare with, to make sure I’m not missing anything. I think it will benefit everyone

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