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Exchanging California License for BC License


Apr 3, 2019
I have just returned to Canada on a PGWP. I have been in the country for 4 years but wasn't driving. Now that I am here on a PGWP I am planning to buy a car and drive. I need to exchange my license, but am not sure what to use for proof of my driving experience.

I have been licensed in California for 9 years, but unfortunately my California license was just renewed at the end of last year so the issue date is very recent. I do have my 2 previous expired licenses, but only current licenses are listed as a possible use for proof of experience on the ICBC website. I checked out the Driving Record you can request from the DMV, but it only shows the issue date of your current license, not the date of your first license or any previous history.

Is there some other form I can request from the DMV that will list some driving history? Or am I cursed to an "N" because I got unlucky with my license being renewed this year? I figure there has to be some form from the DMV that will show actual driving history/experience but the only thing I can find that showed 10 year history has been discontinued.