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Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by m kazmi, Jun 26, 2014.

  1. I have a Pakistan passport, living in UAE (Abu Dhabi) holding a D/Licence valid till 2023.
    1- While on my first landing, and using UAE licence, can I rent a car and drive?
    2-Can it be exchanged for Calgary? If yes, what else I have to bring to Calgary from Abu Dhabi transport authorities?
  2. 1-Yes you can rent a car
    2-yes you can exchange it, you need to get a letter from RTA that states the years of driving experience. translate the ltter and driving license to englis/french.
  3. Is it also true for Toronto/Mississauga as well? as far as I know, we can rent a car on UAE DL but UAE driving license cannot be exchange with Canadian driving license, if so, can we verify it from some source ( like any Canadian website etc.) It is really helpful info for those who are migrating from gulf, I have same scenario like Kazmi sahib, but I'll land in Toronto? Kindly share your views.

    Muhammad Ali Butt
  4. Hi

    No, a UAE license is not exchangeable in Ontario https://www.ontario.ca/driving-and-roads/exchange-foreign-drivers-licence

    Exchange a driver’s licence

    You can exchange an out-of-province licence for an Ontario licence, if you are re-locating from:

    any Canadian province or territory
    Canadian Forces Europe
    U.S. States
    Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Japan, Northern Ireland, Korea, Switzerland
  5. Hi

    No, it can't be exchanged in Alberta, the only DLs that can be directly exchanged are the following:

    Who has signed a Reciprocal Licensing Agreement with Alberta?
    • Countries that have entered into a Reciprocal Licensing Agreement with Alberta are:
    o Austria for Class 5
    o Belgium for Class 5
    o France for Class 5
    o Germany for Class 5
    o Japan for Classes 5 and 6
    o Republic of Korea for Class 5
    o Switzerland for Classes 5 and 6
    o USA for Classes 5, 6 and 7
    o United Kingdom (UK) of Great Britain
    o The reciprocal licensing agreement signed with the United Kingdom of Great Britain includes England, Scotland and Wales. Clients surrendering a driver’s licence from Northern or the Republic of Ireland must complete full testing.
  6. Make sure to get an International Driving Permit (essentially a translated paper that goes with your license) before you leave.
  7. there is no need for international driving permit. he will be able to rent a car on UAE license.
  8. 1. Yes you can drive for 3 months
    2. You cant change it to canadian DL you have to take the written exam and road exam.
    get your driving cert in RTA then send it to UAE embassy in Canada to get the attestation

    The good thing with UAE licence is you can get the exam for Professional Licence (In Ontario you have to wait for 1 year to be able to get the professional drivers license)

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  10. m kazmi,
    I heard that we need to carry some letter from traffic department, Abu Dhabi. Please let me know if you have arrange such letter and if yes, please advise how to obtain this letter.

    Thanks in advance
  11. i have driving license of Abu Dhabi, UAE . i am moving to Montreal, Quebec so i can exchange it ?
  12. No you cannot..

  13. Hi Did you get that certificate from Abu Dhabi? If yes kindly guide.

  14. Hi wasim, pls did you get the driving experience certificate from Abu Dhabi, if yes pls how did you do it? I am outside UAE, my residency canceled but the license is still valid. Pls how do i go about it? Thanms
  15. Hi
    I'v got my driving history. Just send someone with your license copy and inform them that you need driving history for canada they will take 150 and print same time and the get it attested from Ministry of foreign affairs in Abu Dhabi just in case.

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