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Evidence of legal status

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by sk9, May 14, 2018.

  1. I had applied for the Visitor visa for me and my family to visit Canada for a week. I am currently in USA, on H1B. I have received a letter back from Canada Immigration saying "Client Information: Evidence of current legal status in the USA for yourself and all family memebers. This must be received at this office by....."

    I think I need to send them my approved H1B petition.

    Does anybody know if I need to provide the documents to them online via upload somewhere in my account, or do I need to physically mail photocopies?
  2. Online. Use a case specific enquiry if no new upload slot came up in your application
  3. In my account, a new document type 'replacement needed', 'Client Information(needed)' has been added, but I do not see any upload button on it. Where is the 'upload' option supposed to be? I do not remember how I had uploaded all my other documents. Was the document name supposed to be clickable to upload a document, because I cannot seem to find anyplace to upload a document to it.

  4. I just tried submitting a case specific inquiry, but am getting an error there on the last page after i hit submit. I have tried three times now, including from a different browser. I am stuck, and clock is ticking :(

  5. As a final desperate measure, I have physically mailed the photocopy of my petition to them. Hoping this will help them to consider my case.

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