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Etobicoke Landing Experience March 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by VickiC, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone

    Just wanted to share my experience of inland landing in Etobicoke, as I noticed there aren't many recent posts about it.

    Getting the appointment

    When you received your COPR, it will direct you to call the usual number (888-242-2100) to schedule an appointment. In reality, when you call an automated message will tell you to email ircc.pra-rvpr.ircc@cic.gc.ca and it will also give you a long list of all the information you must include to schedule an interview.

    I sent the request on 20th Feb 2019 and received confirmation of my appointment by email a week later. The appointment itself was scheduled for 11am on March 5th. Be aware the email confirmation says that you may only reschedule the appointment in case of emergencies.

    At the appointment

    We arrived 20 minutes early for our appointment. There is a reception desk and they will issue you with a numbered ticket and you must wait for your number to be called.

    Unfortunately, this was the worst part - it took 2hs 20mins (i.e. 1pm) until our number was called despite our appointment time of 11am. So, please be prepared for a lot of waiting. Since you have no control over when your appointment is scheduled, there is nothing really you can do. I had read this process was very efficient, so I was quite disappointed! The waiting room was very crowded and noisy also.

    The appointment itself is very easy/smooth and takes 10 minutes. You don't even go into an interview room, they just direct you to a counter. They took our documents (interview confirmation email, passports, COPR, photos). Nothing else was requested in terms of documentation, although we took all our paperwork in case.

    The questions are simple:

    1. When did you first enter Canada? (I asked a clarifying question if this meant for vacation or on the work permit, the answer was the work permit)
    2. Have you left Canada since then?
    3. (If yes) When did you last enter Canada?
    4. Where did you enter Canada when you first entered/last entered? (i.e. which airport/border crossing)
    5. Have you ever committed a crime/been refused entry to Canada

    And that's it - you and the immigration officer sign the PR document and it becomes valid. They explain the basics and tell you that the PR card will take 8 - 10 weeks to arrive. Then, they send you to Service Canada.

    After the appointment

    Service Canada is right next door (in the same building), so you can get your new SIN number. It took about 30 minutes to be called and they congratulated us on our new PR status. Process is identical to getting a SIN under a work permit. They take your paper with your old SIN and give you a new document for the new SIN (starts with a 5 not a 9).

    There is no Service Ontario, but the paper that you are given with your COPR at the landing appointment explains that if you already have OHIP, you need only call Service Ontario to inform them you are now a PR. No need to go to a Service Ontario office.

    You must also inform your bank, employer and CRA of your new SIN number.

    Hope this is useful for someone. My major learning point is: be prepared to wait for a long time!
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  2. When does your current status expire?(work permit?)
    I sent email on Feb 18, but haven't received email confirmation. Now I am worried.:(
  3. My work permit was almost brand new (just renewed it) and COPR expiry was in May.

    Did you receive the automatic email response first? You should get an automatic response very quickly, and then later a real response with an appointment time.

    And, are you sure your office is Etobicoke? As far as I know the timing is very dependent on the office itself.
  4. YA, I got automatic email response as soon as my email sent out. My CoPR will expire in September. Could this be the reason, they may think I am not in hurry? :(
  5. You have to go to a Service Ontario("full service") that deals with full-suite of health card services: https://www.services.gov.on.ca/sf/#/oneServiceDetail/13400/ip/sr/

    There you have to fill out a form and show them the:
    -address proof (original driving license or utility bill etc)
    -Original OHIP card

    Once this is done they provide your documents and provide you a letter which a transaction record [​IMG]

    which you can use along with your current OHIP card
    A new card will be mailed to you by in 4 weeks time.
  6. Just to clarify, you get PPR, submit your passport or some other documents since you are inland. Then you get CoPR and need to get it validated. Is that right? You could also go to the border without having to wait for an appointment?
  7. That's right. After you receive CoPR, you can either go to border or booking appointment to validate. You CoPR will be effective after officer signs on it.
  8. Huh, that's not what the letter says. It says if you have valid OHIP already, you need only call. Sadly I didn't call yet so maybe they will tell me to go to an office (was hoping to avoid until current card expires).

    Will call and report back.
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    I got my CoPR on 14 Feb, and I followed the above steps after calling OHIP.

    Your status has changed so should your OHIP should be updated as well

    If you have kids they do not need to visit Service Ontario in person you can do it on there behalf but you have to carry their ID and documents with you
  10. I sent an email requesting an appointment on Feb 19, and I’m on the same boat, but didn’t even receive an automated email. I just emailed the Etobicoke office directly (no automated response either). I think it has to do with the CoPR expiry date. Mine expires in the end of August.
  11. I sent an email on 1-March, did not get any response yet. Though I received an automated response as soon as I sent the appointment request. My COPR is expiring by end of June.
  12. hi guys, how much time it will take to get an appointment in etobicoke location any experience?
  13. It may vary from person to person as they refer the expiry of COPR and schedule landing appointment date accordingly (This is my assumption).
    In my case, I mailed them on 1-March, received a landing appointment email on 15-March for the interview scheduled on 25-March.
  14. ok thanks please update your experience After landing.
  15. can you share your experience today?

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