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eTA cancelled

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in South America' started by Fedi aydi, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Hi guys i was in canada 4 month ago and want to go back this week but I receive one email that my eTA is cancel
    This is the email:

    Following an assessment of your file, it has been determined that you no longer meet the requirements for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). As a result, your eTA has been cancelled.

    Your application has been cancelled for the following reason(s):
    You have misrepresented or withheld material facts relating to a matter that induced or could have induced an error in the administration of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act which would render you inadmissible to Canada as per section 40(1)(a).

    Your file is now closed. Should you wish to reapply for an eTA, we encourage you to do so only once you have addressed the reason(s) for the cancellation of your application. At that time, you may submit a new application atwww.canada.ca/eTA.

    You are no longer considered to hold a valid eTA. As such, you should not plan or undertake any travel to Canada by air. If you do decide to travel to Canada, you may experience delays or be prevented from boarding your flight and/or entering Canada.

    What I can do now
  2. You'll need to reapply for a new eTA. Before you do that, I would order your GCMS notes to see why your eTA was canceled (unless you already know the reason why).
  3. Thanx
    How much time she take GCMS
  4. I'm surprised that they haven't applied a 5 years ban as well.
  5. I don't understand nothing
    But Is it sure that they don't applied a 5 years
  6. They normally make it very clear and explicitly tell you.
  7. They don't send me nothing about 5 years
  8. I reapply for new eTA??

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