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ESDC Officer Interview Questions for LMIA


Jun 16, 2020
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I would like to know about the experience of people who have gone through the ESDC Officer Interview for obtaining positive LMIA under owner operator program.

This will create the perfect scenario where people can be prepared for the questions.

Experienced LMIA positive people please help


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Aug 15, 2019
my interview started around my business and how i thought of the idea to start this company.

further officer wanted to know how the business model works.

she also wanted to know the jobs i will create, what these employees will do, and down to every hour they will be working.

it was a very thorough interview, i got positive LMIA as an owner operator without ever visiting canada or having any canadian visa, but its not at all easy.

From the time officer emailed me, till the approval we must have gone through 4 phone calls and at least 5 different emails, basically re confirming same things again and again, asking same questions in different ways.

To be fair, my business is in a new industry that not a lot of people understand how it works (Hint: tech tech)