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Equifax Credit report (Some info needed Please) *Credit Inquiries to the File*

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Clorets90, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone

    I ordered a credit report from Equifax.ca so I navigated to Credit Inquiries to the File I saw that I have some information not available ( I previously has an account with RBC closed now) so RBC offers free credit score service so when I checked (using RBC service) I had RBC Credit card inquiry but when I ordered the report from Equifax the RBC inquiry not shown. older inquiries do appear what does this mean? because I closed account not showing anymore ? is it something good or not.

    The other question I have is the current address on my file reported is still the old address what I should do or call to correct this (almost sick of this old address) I changed it everywhere .......

  2. Credit reports from the two credit bureaus in Canada (Transunion and Equifax) may differ because:
    - Some lenders only report to one lender while some report to both
    - Lenders may report on different dates to the credit bureaus

    A closed account not showing up may not matter much. Is the free RBC credit report from Equifax or Transunion?
    Differences in credit reports may also lead to differences in the credit scores from these two agencies.


    For errors, such as:
    • Wrong Personal Information: old mailing address, misspelled names, inaccurate date of birth.
    • Inaccurate Account Status: such as late payments that were made on time, closed accounts that were left open, debt that has already been paid in full.
    • Negative Information staying on your credit report after the maximum number of years allowed by law – late payments, judgements, bankruptcies, etc.
    You can dispute the error directly with the credit bureau and they will generally correct it within 30 days. Check out this post for how to go about disputing an error on your credit report:

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  3. TransUnion

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