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Entry level bank jobs in Toronto


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Jul 30, 2013
I have recently completed my IFIC course and am planning to apply for entry level positions at The Big Five banks. But prior to applying, I'm not sure about what kind of positions would be more suitable for me. I have heard about FSR position at CIBC and banking advisor position at RBC. As I have a disability, I have trouble with thinking quickly on my feet and on the spot thinking. However, my strengths are research and analytical thinking and I perform best when I am given some time to process the information. Having said that, I can definitely manage my disability. Some of the entry level positions are call center ones and I'm worried about my performance in these positions. Also, I would like to obtain a position where I am offered growth and advancement opportunities. By the way, I am not keen on technical positions but want to build my career in finance itself. Therefore, I request you guys to please offer me your valuable insights.
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