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Enquiry for filling the IMM 5257

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by agrawalyogesh, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I have some question regarding filling up the application form:

    1) Q 8b: Valid until: My question is should I enter my visa validity or my I-797 Validity? I have got an extended I-797, but haven't gone for extension to my visa

    2) Q13: During the past five years have you or any family member accompanying you lived in any other country than your country of
    citizenship or permanent residence for more than six months?

    My Question is: I am staying in USA for last 3 years but I have visited India twice in the same period. So Can I enter the first day I landed in USA?
    What should I put in "TO" day? I don't see enough space to fill the same information for my wife?

    Here is an example :

    I am filling an application form for me and my wife:

    I entered in USA Dec 25, 2005 left June 8 2007
    I re-entered in USA July 2, 2007 left Jan 26 2008
    I re-entered in USA Feb 15, 2008 and since them I am here.

    For my wife

    She entered in USA Mar 15, 2006 left June 8 2007
    She re-entered in USA Sep 2, 2007 left Jan 26 2008
    She re-entered in USA Feb 15, 2008 and since them She is here.

    Now as you can see there are 6 entries all total, but there are only 3 lines in the form to fill this information.
    Also as you can see after we entered last time we haven't left the country, so what would be "To Date" in the last situation.

    3) Do I have to send I-797 original or photocopy?

    4) Do I have to send I-94 original or photocopy?

    5) When I took the print out of the application form from the website, the bar code is not getting printed properly? What should I do?

    Thanks for your help.


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