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English Subsidized English private school in Montreal

Discussion in 'Education' started by Reddy1212, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Hi ,

    I am resident of Toronto with PR status(not PNP) and we are living here since 3 years and my daughter is studying in school more than 3 years ( Grade 3 she will join soon)

    Now I am planning to move Montreal and wanted to check English private subsidized schools in Montreal.

    My daughter eligible to join English private subsidized schools in Montreal with PR status?

    Appreciate your answers

  2. Not sure
    Not sure what you are referring to, private schools are private not subsidized. You would be responsible for paying for the tuition if you want your child to attend private school and English school. Your child does not qualify for English public school in Quebec. They would need to attend French public school. In grade 3 it should be a pretty easy transition for most children.
  3. My point is my daughter studied English public school more than 3 years in other Province. So she is not eligible to go English school?

    What are the private school fees in Montreal for Grade 3?

    Thank you
  4. Kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 won’t be considered a large majority of her schooling in my opinion and you aren’t a citizen so no you have to go for French. There is a wide range of fees for private schools. You will have to see what options are available and what would be convenient based on where you live. Given that your daughter is only in grade 3 you are looking at a longterm financial commitment for almost a decade of paying for private school fees. Why not just go for a French school?
  5. Thank you for your suggestion. I really think about it.

    One more thing, do you have any idea which areas mostly speak English and also more Indians stays in Montreal?

  6. If you live in Montreal you should be moving to an area where you can somewhat easily commute to work and find a house you like an can afford. If you are determined to put your child into English private school somewhere you will need to live somewhat near to the school. You have to pick up and drop off your children at most private schools. Some of the English private schools are quite expensive and you’ll also need to apply for admission since there may not be spots available. Would be best to determine what private school your child would be attending before buying a house. If you plan on living in Quebec your child will need to learn French. Not knowing French is a disadvantage. Montreal has awful traffic and if you decide where you live based on where Indian people live you could be commuting for many more hours everyday. Canada is all about living in a multicultural society. If you want to pick up certain ethnic groceries or visit friends you can drive on the weekend. Picking a home in a good area that it somewhat convenient to work and school will give you a much better home life which is most important.

    You can easily google the English areas of Montreal. Basically it is central Montreal or some suburbs.
  7. You have to contact the school. Would believe your child doesn’t qualify.
  8. They don’t qualify. Think they were hoping kindergarten, grade, 1 and 2 in English would be considered considerable time in English school to qualify. Doesn’t sound like they are citizen which would be another strike. The only option is 100% French with an English class.
  9. Agreed that was why I pointed to the link which implies the citizen requirement.
  10. Have no clue why they would not want their child to be educated in French. At a young age they would be like a sponge when learning a new language, and having French under their belt would give them so many opportunities later in life, and that is what most parents strive for.
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  11. Think there is a misconception that it is too late for children to learn a new language and that thr parents not knowing French well hurt the child's learning. Many parents are fighting to get a spot in French immersion in other places in Canada. With French school and speaking English at home your kids become fully billingual.

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