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Employment Insurance - Injured

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by pedropil, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Hello guys,

    I just want to ask if how am i going to claim about my situation and details below.

    First Job
    Company A - Part time worker status with full time work hours with no benefits. No work No Pay.

    Second Job

    Company B - Regular part time and around 20 to 25 hours work time each week with complete benefits.

    Company B - Got injured while on duty.

    As per doctors advice, Need a two weeks rest.

    Can i file a claim on EI in the company A?

    on the second week is my scheduled Vacation Leave that was approved weeks before got injured.

    So basically my second week of rest is already been filed as vacation leave for company B and Company A.

    What is the best thing to do?

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