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Employer [HR] refuses official job letter with addnl. detailed job duties

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by yogigal, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,

    We got an ITA after the march 24 draw.Is it only the primary applicant who needs to get the referral letter or does the dependent(work experience updated in express entry profile)have to provide the referral letters as well.
  2. You have to provide letters for all jobs you list in work history
  3. Should this be on the company letterhead? Also, if the person who is signing this doesn't have a business card is it ok? my company stopped giving business cards long back.
  4. For one of my past job it is proving very difficult to get a reference letter in CIC format. Also people under whom I worked or knew that time have moved out from the company. Can I give an LOE, Payslips, Offer letter, Resignation Letter instead to justify the work ex rather than moving it to personal history.
  5. Would it be possible for you to get a senior colleague (who had worked with you in that company) to write a Reference Letter for you? If yes, then you can get the same notarized and submitted, it would suffice the requirement. Apart from this, no matter what other associated docs (LOE, Payslips, Offer letter, Resignation Letter etc.) you submit, I do not know whether the CIC will consider them or not. For the CIC, Reference Letters are pretty important. Hope the other seniors can share their thoughts on the same. Good luck.
  6. I might be able to request one of my senior colleague to help me in this. May I request you to share a sample format, what details of colleague to include.
    In this case will CIC reach out to my colleague to provide his employment proof (like asking for payslips or some other thing) to validate his credentials.
    With this notarised reference letter(which i write and put colleague details) should I also scan and attach my offer letter, payslip, job description against which i was hired, hr email mentioning they cannot provide Ref letter with roles and responsibilities.
  7. If your previous employer no longer exists, is it considered misrepresentation to obtain a letter with all CIC requirements on company letterhead from your ex-manager? I am under the impression that if you do that, you're implying the company still exists?

    I caught up with my old boss and he said he might have some letterheads laying around but then we both got into the discussion whether that's even allowed now that the company is defunct.

    Alternatively, if the company letterhead cannot be used, then a blank paper with your ex-manager's signature and contact details should suffice (with all CIC requirements in the letter)? Possibly a business card if one is available.

    That is all I can provide. There's no pay stubs or anything. I have an old experience letter with just the bare minimum mentioned in the letter such as my name, my job title and the duration worked. It's on company letterhead though. I could probably use it as supporting documentation along with the above letter on plain paper and explain the rest in the LOE.

    What do you guys reckon?
  8. Hi,
    I have a standard letter from HR mentioning all of the above except the roles and responsibilities.

    Could i just create a format for my colleague to sign but not mention my salary on the letter? I just don't want him to know my salary

  9. Hi, could you kindly share with me what you did in this situation (quoted above) and what became the outcome? I have a similar situation. The company I worked with has been acquired and is no longer in existence. However, I have a leaving letter I got from the company when I left. So, I'm wondering how best to approach this, whether attaching that letter, along with LOE would be sufficient given that the leaving letter has very minimal information. Thank you.
  10. I would add a personal letter from your manager/supervisor, in addition to what you have mentioned above. The letter should contain ALL the requirements of an experience letter and signed by them.
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  11. Many thanks, beemir, for your response. I should clarify that I have already submitted this application since December with the leaving letter, employment contract and an LOE. I requested for GCMS notes last month and realised that the application was recommended for review, which got me alarmed because it could eventually be rejected. After reading the advice on this thread, I felt there was the need for me to get a reference letter from a former colleague to submit through a web form to IRCC. Note that I'm talking of my former colleague and not my former manager/supervisor as I an no longer in touch with my former manager. I needed to be sure this was a good move, hence my question. I have today received the reference letter from my former colleague with his business card and also his leaving letter from the company. I will proceed to send this documents through the web form. But there is one last question I would like to ask: is it actually necessary to notarize these documents I received from my former colleague? He signed the reference letter already and his business card is included. Also, if it is necessary to notarize the documents, can I do it myself (I live Canada) or he has to do it by himself (he lives in Greece but currently in Spain)? Thanks a lot for your help.

    PS: Suggestions are also welcome from other members of the forum.
  12. I'm not sure on the notarizing part. Since you are this far into the application process, I believe the signed documents should be sufficient. Just try to get them sent as soon as possible, if not already. Don't be alarmed by your application being recommended for review. There could be several reasons for that, and also could be the norm for all we know. Trying to understand how IRCC does what they do can never be fully understood 100%. Best of luck.
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  13. Guys, I need some advise regarding my experience letters.
    Just a brief history of my employment
    Jan 2011 to June 2011 - Worked as an intern in abc company (last semester of mca)
    July 2011 to April 2015 - Joined abc company as Junior programmer and was promoted to software programmer in April 2011 but left in the same month.
    April 2015 till date - Joined xyz company as software developer and was promote to senior software developer in 2016.

    I had applied for the FSW program earlier in 2014 and had taken an appropriate experience letter (For NOC 2174) from the director of abc company
    I also have the latest experience letter given by the same person when I left abc company but it does not contain Salary and contact number of the director.

    I am attaching both the letters. Kindly help me with the following queries
    1. Is the format of the 1st letter (taken in 2014) appropriate? Link to Letter 1
    2. Will the 2nd letter suffice the CIC requirements, if I don't submit my first experience letter and will I have to attach a LOE in case I do this? Link to Letter 2
    3. Can I just submit both the letters and be done with it?
    4. Considering the fact that I already completed more than 3 years of employment in the new xyz company(which is the minimum requirement of CIC) and will be requesting for the work experience letter this week (And will definitely follow the appropriate steps of adding reference from senior, notary, pay stubs etc in case I don't get what is required which in a way is bound to happen). Do I actually have to worry about going back to my previous abc employer to ask for a fresh experience letter?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
    I am really grateful to all the people who have posted here.
  14. Hi, I don't have duties written in the format CIC wants, from any of my past employers. but I am currently working in Canada for more then two years in the same field. I have all the required documents from my current employer. I have all the other documents from my previous employers like joining letter, experience letter, increament letterand paystubs, I am just missing duties mentioned anywhere, I was thinking about keeping all the supportive documents for NOC , like linkedin profile skills endorsement, IMDB profile ( I work in VR and movie industry) and getting reference letter from Co-worker in my previous company, would it be sufficient?

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