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Embassy of Canada in Manila, Immigration and Visa Section FAX Tone

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by solace, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. I faxed my letter to the Embassy of Manila to report changes in the information entered in my visa application package. Since it is really my first time to use fax machine with the assistance of the person-incharge. I dont know if the letter I faxed reach their office because only fax tone that I heard on the other line. What I knew is that if it is faxphone, someone will answer on the other line but only the faxtone. I am supposed to email them but I decided to ask someone in this column.
  2. Hi may I ask you, since you are sending changes of your information to Manila did you already file for LC2? if so, in my opinion its better to send them by email.
  3. Cimaron, what is LC2?
  4. Sorry I might be mistaken are you an applicant from Php or from Canada?
    I think its better to inform them by email.
  5. I am an applicant from the Philippines under live-in caregiver.
  6. @solace based on your old post you just submitted wp application to CEM canadian embassy January 12. In the event you want to add additional documents wait for the AOR acknowledge receipt with you file number then that's the time you can send email. It's not their job to find your application without file number. If ever your application is incomplete they will return it to you if not you can also wait for the next step which is speak test and you are allowed to submit additional docs. Try read this forum caregiver issues


    As for the fax. Its normal you will hear fax tone and in the end you will get confirmation document received. CEM received your letter for sure but they don't have clue where to add them if there's no file number. So I suggest wait for your AOR.
  7. Thank you for the informative message as well the website where I can get important information that guide me the right path. So I will only call the Canadian Embassy Call Center using PLDT card very soon if I will receive AOR (Acknowledgement of Receipt?). Thank you very very very much for this forum although I just relied all the documents I submitted through the requirements for live-in caregiver program checklist in the website. What I can do now is to monitor my email the embassy might email me. This forum really help me, thank you hero member, wsongco, our hero. So no need to call the canadian embassy call Center to confirm if they receive my fax explaining in the letter the wrong entry and the correct entry in the form I submitted?

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