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Email from CIC that PR card renewal needs secondary review

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Pual Newman, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. I sent in my PR card renewal application in Mid-June 2014, and I have stayed in Canada for 2 years during the past 5 years. After waiting for over 5 months, I received an email from CIC today saying that the preliminary review was completed for my application and have transferred my file for a secondary review which will cause additional delay of the processing time. Does it mean that my application is now being transferred to local office? I heard that it will take over 10 more months of processing time if this is real and it really worried me. Would anyone please help? Thanks a lot...
  2. Yes to local office. No it doesnt take 10 months, maybe an extra month or 2.
  3. Thanks for the information. It looks like that the only option I have now is to wait. Are there any chance that I can still check the status of the application? I tried to call the help centre several times and felt hopeless. It seems that the agents are reading out of scripts.
  4. Hey, just curious, can you find your application in ecas? I'm not sure if they are still updating that...
  5. Yes, it finally.shows up in ecas today. They received my application on June 16, 2014 and started the process on Nov 13, then sent me a email on Nov 14 telling me about the secondary review and the additional.delay.
  6. Hi Paul,

    I received the similar letter for "secondary review".
    Do you have any update about the status of your file?
    I contacted CIC but it seems there is no information available on the file
  7. Called CIC and they told me that my application is still in Sydney, not in the local office. However, there is a new line up and they are now working on file referred for secondary review on May 20th. My application was referred on Nov 14, it could mean another 6 months waiting time. Very disappointing, just don't understand what kind of process is this. I believe I fulliflled all reqirements for PR card renewal. As of today, I have not received any request for additional information that need to be submitted, and I cannot travel anywhere out of Canada without the PR card.

    This review process is totally awful.
  8. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing your situation with me. I agree it is a very bad situation and basically we are banned for any travel for an unknown time!
    I have sent an email to CIC with no respond yet

    Please share any update that you get
  9. Hi,
    I also received the same email from CIC today. No reasons, just have to wait another six months? :'(
  10. Hi! Guys, just to let you know. Rule to maintain PR as every body knows is that one has to live 2 years out of 5 years in Canada, just to add....in First five years (when one become PR), Embassy and/or CIC just check whether one can complete 2 years in first five years, then they issue Travel document (if someone dont have pr card and he/she is out of country and wants to comeback) but the moment one complete 5 years of PR and apply for renewal of PR cards then CIC always check Last 2 years of candidate whether he/she has completed last 2 years in canada or not from the date they receive PR card renewal application.....
  11. Hi,

    I am also in the same situation, my PR card renewal application received on 16th June and on 17th November 2014 they started processing and I received e mail " First review of your application is completed and moved for second review and it may delay in processing. I have completed maximum time period for issuance of PR card.

    CIC Call Center informed me that my file is still in Sydney and send sent reminder to CIC office on my request after passing of two weeks excess of total prescribe time for issuance of PR card.

    Advised me to back them in another two weeks if nothing happened. figure crossed :'(

    Please share if anyone has further development after getting e mail for second review.

  12. Both my parents are in the same "secondary review" situation for PR renewal process and CIC agent can not give us any further information such as expected time delay.
    I think, the only option is to wait!
  13. Got another email from CIC last Wednesday asking for color copy of my travel document so that they can verify my total number of days in Canada. Hope that this is their final request for them to complete the review.
  14. Hi Paul,

    Good news that at least you dont need to wait another 6 months to start the second review process!
    Please keep us updated.
    Luckily I have color copy of my passport included in my application
  15. Hi Paul,

    Any update on your review status? I got a similar e-mail from CIC today. My application was received at CIC on 11-August-2014 and I got this e-mail today (5-Jan-2015). Any ideas how much delay it could be?


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