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Eligibility for pg course

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by KARANBHATTI, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. Hi, My self karan and I need to know about my eligibility for pg course. I got 46% in 12th from cbse board, and i completed it in 2015, and after that i got 50% in b.com from gndu . now i want to study abroad with pg course..plz tell me about my eligibility and which collges will accepts me ?
  2. Not going to speculate on your qualifications but you know that Canada is a pretty big country with hundreds of colleges so might help if you at least shared which course or subject you have in mind and any preferred location.

    Colleges by the way are run as a business so are only too willing generally to offer places for international fees, the hard part is getting a study permit.
  3. yaaah. I wanted study in charlotte, prince edward or may ontario. with the course of Master of Commerce in International Business..so plz tell me which colleges accepts me ..
  4. Unfortunately it is unlikely you will get into a masters course with your grades. What are your IELTS scores?
  5. can i get admission in diploma in internatinal business.
  6. Admission probably because many colleges admit all international students because they are more concerned about money. IRCC may be more picky and may not issue you a study permit for a few reasons. Based on just your profile there will be significant overlap between your b com and your marks are very low. You can always try.
  7. so help me for proceed it.
  8. Hire a consultant if you can’t do the research yourself.

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