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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by laroche, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Hi, regarding to the question:
    Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country/territory?
    Some years ago, I was refused entry to US, even having a visa (without any clear explanation). But, I hold two passports, and the one I am using to request the eTA, is different from that one. So, which should be my answer in that question, please?
    Thank you! Merci!
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    Whatever passport you have right now, Answer to that question should be "YES", and describe the situation/reasons in comments box under it.
    In any situation don't think of putting NO.
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  3. May I ask why you would ask that question?

    The question posed on the application is "have you ever been refused...". You say you were refused entry to the U.S. There's the answer. Or are you really asking whether you can get away with providing a deceitful answer by some sleight of hand by reason of holding two passports?

    I am sorry if my post (only my second here, so I am someone with zero credibility) seems harsh, but I read your query as testing the waters about whether you should try answering dishonestly. Perhaps I have read it wrong, in which case, my apology.

  4. No, never. It was because I found ambiguous answers... and I wanted really to give the right answer. Therefore I putted all the details on my question. I was probably naive or stupid asking that so. Sorry about.
  5. Good answer, laroche. I accept your word there was no dishonest motive. Yeah, maybe naive. I doubt you are stupid. Carry on and good luck
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  6. You must answer truthfully - which means answering "yes". The question is not whether the current passport you hold has ever been refused - it's whether you have ever been refused. Failure to answer truthfully will result in a refusal of your ETA and put you at high risk of being given a misrepresentation ban (no entry into Canada for 5 years).
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