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Discussion in 'Education' started by Bhupinder sehgal, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. We will be migrating to Canada by April...my daughter is 9 n is in grade 4 in India ...kindly guide about her education
  2. Which province/city are you immigrating to ?
  3. Google TDSB - Toronto District School Board.
    Schools here close down by June end and Grade 5 will start 1st week of September.
    So your daughter can start school in Sept. .
    From your name I understand you are Punjabi.
    Brampton will be a good place to feel at home . If so, google PEEL District school board.
  4. We have no idea where OP is moving. Their child should enter school in April to do 2 months of school or more. There is no need to move to Brampton if you are South Asian. You and your children will be welcomed and feel at home in all areas of Canada and all school districts.
  6. Thanku for reply...we will be moving to montreal

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